We are living in a time of tremendous changes. Never before in recorded history has there been so much turmoil on a global level. The size of it is in part due to the immense population, as well as to media coverage that allows every little ripple to be felt by more people than ever before.

It is a human characteristic to resist change. Our ego-selves operate at the level of a four or five year old child—one who wants everything to always remain just as it is. But, the “same old, same old” doesn’t serve us in the new reality, the consciousness of unity. Things have to change. Just like the snake that sheds its skin when it becomes too snug to allow for growth, we must transform so that we can grow as well, both personally and as society.

We are being tested on the lesson of personal empowerment—a cosmic “pop quiz”, if you will. If you are reading this article, you have been on a path of raising your own consciousness and moving toward finding your purpose. Probably you have been using the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life. Then WHAM, the rug is pulled out from beneath your feet! Global financial markets tumble and enter crisis mode. Jobs are lost. Homes and the perception of security is in jeopardy for many. Fear and unrest abound. You might be asking yourself, “How did I go wrong?”

Fear is an illusion of our ego. The ego-self is that part of us that is aware of material concerns and physical wellbeing. Your soul, however, knows and understands that this is all part of Divine Plan. Now is the time for us to resolve this dichotomy.

All existing structures based on duality must change and old paradigms of greed or lack have to fall away at this point to create space for a new reality of love, oneness and “plenty”. We have known about this shift for a long time. Many have prayed for it, and now we sit in the hours before the dawning of the New Age. Trust me when I tell you that you ante’d up all your chips to be here now so that you could experience this, so be not afraid!

The easiest way to move through these turbulent times is to stay centered and grounded in your personal faith—trusting that the Architect of this grand plan holds true to The Word. You are safe, and you will be provided for in every way. As you release all your old beliefs that are out of alignment with the new reality—thoughts of fear, lack, pain, disease—you prepare the way to create the truth for yourself. You must be judicious, now more than ever before, to monitor your thoughts constantly to remove any negative ones before they are allowed to surface. If you become aware of one which might manifest an outcome you wouldn’t desire, re-language it immediately. For example, change “I’m not healthy” to “In the past I wasn’t healthy, but now I am healed.” In this way you create a positive outcome and state your truth.

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Jean Adrienne is the creator of InnerSpeak, a tool to help you to blow away the blocks that keep you from manfesting your dreams and her website is www.JeanAdrienne.com. She's an author of four books and talk radio host on CBS's www.NewSkyRadio.com, Voices of Soul.