Staying clear in the moment is giving up on the idea of trying to manage it. It is letting go of any control and allowing yourself and the moment to exist just as it is. With control there is a fight and when this occurs, we are betraying ourselves; we are letting ourselves be controlled. To be free of this is to give up on the fight; it is to lay it down and to cease the act of trying to manage everything. To be free, to simply exist, means to truly let go of any sense that the moment should be any different than what it is.

When we come to believe that we have to act a certain way in order to manage or change something, then we have lost ourselves. When we let go and exist purely in a state of acceptance then and only then can we be truly present. To be present, to be clear is to let go. It is to say to one’s self that this moment exists just as it is and nothing more.

We spend a lot of our lives looking for things to be different somehow, but in truth how can we make something any different than what it is. The moment exists just as it is, with or without the fight. To let the fight go, to be free, to stay centered, and to be at peace is to no longer pretend that we have any control. Now this doesn’t mean you should roll over and give up because that is still pretending that you are in a fight. Rather, it is to realize that there is no battle at all, that you can exist purely from a state of acceptance, whether you like the moment you are in or not. It is to accept, enjoy, be at peace, and to realize that what came before shall not be repeated again and what may come is all new.

To exist solely in the moment you are in is to be free. To stay clear in the moment is to know that what is coming is real and not a struggle to be taken on. What the moment is now is simply where you are and nothing more. Do you realize how easy life can be if we give up the idea that it is a fight? We take away the challenge and instead allow ourselves to enjoy our own existence no matter what the moment is we are in. This is freeing in itself, for every moment carries the possibility of enjoyment, peace, and acceptance; it is whether we choose to accept that or not that allows it to be.

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