Say your words with conviction. Feel and know the strength that they bare. Just know that however many people tell you that you can’t do something, that there are a million more people that are rooting for you. Just because something is not seen nor heard, does not mean that it isn’t so.
When others see your strength, as you get closer to obtaining your goal, they become threatened by their own weakness. Some may try and make you weak by their words or actions, but they won’t be successful because you are stronger than they are.
You have to see the rooftop and the crowd going wild, cheering you on. You have to see it because it is there, they just don’t know who you are yet. Everyone is waiting for you to realize your dream so they can cheer you on, even louder than before.
Don’t let ugly words or mean actions deter you from becoming who you were meant to be. Stay strong in your words and actions; theirs will be the same ten years down the road. But you, you are different. You understand that normal does not work for you; you are too much of a dreamer to walk along traveled paths. You create your own path, you go it alone.
So what are you waiting for? Do you need the help of someone to pull you up? Do you want everything done for you? Do you not have faith in yourself to get it done?
Life is full of temptations, it has many forms. You can be just as tempted to do something, as to not do something. People are a tool of temptation. Look at your friends, relatives, etc. Do they tempt you with motivational things, or do they encourage you? Do they see your strengths and nurture your weaknesses?
If I hand you something will you put it to good use, would you lay it down and come back to it later, or would you forget about it all together? What is it that is handed to you? Did you forget about it or are you using it now?
Let your ears become deaf to criticism. Keep your heart and your eyes wide open. Listen more than speak. But more importantly; forgive others, and yourself.

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My name is Tami Principe. I wanted to help other people so I created my website, ( In short, I am a Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Radio Talk Show Host, and a Breast Cancer Survivor. I believe that our struggles are temporary, and important lessons can be learned from them. I developed my website to offer hope and encouragement to others. I am the author of 4 books, “Walk In Peace,” and “My Soulful Journey,” and “The Wishing Well,” and “The Green Rabbit.”

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