One of the easiest ways to work at height indoors or out is to erect portable Scaffold towers that are simple to erect and a pleasure to work upon. Scaffold Towers are just as practical as a set of combination ladders and they can be transported from one site to another in the back of a van or a trailer. Lightweight versions of Scaffold Towers are sturdy and dependable they provide you with a sure footing and give a working height of well over 9 metres on the largest options. You feel safer when working upon Scaffold Towers and they are very practical for a wide variety of tasks from changing light bulbs in industrial settings to painting the outside of buildings.

Assembling Scaffold towers

Buy or hire a set of Scaffold Towers from a store that sells combination ladders and you’ll find they come in handy kit forms. Everything you need to assemble the Scaffold Towers are included as part of the package so you can erect your new access equipment straight away. Scaffold Towers are made up of a series of frames, they connect on top of one another and working platforms can be connected at various heights. The main frames are supported with horizontal and diagonal poles and outrigger stabilisers help to keep the Scaffold Towers nice and steady. At the bottom of the Scaffold Towers are castor wheels that lock tight when not in use. You can unlock the castors if you want to wheel the towers from one location to another, once erected they are extremely mobile when they have to be.

How safe are the Scaffold towers?

Very safe is the answer to that question. You can undergo specialist training in the safe construction and use of Scaffold Towers, this can be handy if you plan on using the towers on a regular basis. Once you are working on the platform of the Scaffold Towers you have guardrails to protect you and special toeboards or kickboards as they are sometimes known are also fitted too. Scaffold Towers make it so much easier to work at height on a variety of tasks and they’re just as desirable as a set of combination ladders.

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