Many would agree that a body in motion tends to stay in motion; however, there are times even the most motivated among us need a jolt or two to get us back at full force. When we launch ourselves full speed into a task, at the beginning motivation comes easy, but gradually you may ease your foot off the pedal for whatever reason. Perhaps you've encountered a few challenges or tried to do too much too quickly. Whatever the reason, remind yourself nobody ever said it was going to be easy; the road to success is sometimes paved in obstacles. The key is maintaining the drive to navigate through challenges and learning to sometimes stop to fill up the tank.

Writing your plan down in a place where you can reach it easily is a must. Also write down whatever feelings you hope to have when you achieve your goals. Visualize it, let your mind take and frame that picture. There's no telling how long your journey to success might take; however, you can control the amount of energy and drive you put in. Never lose focus of the end goal, and don't be afraid to go backwards to drive forward. It's a journey, have some fun along the way! Don't punish yourself or deny yourself too many pleasures that can serve to keep you motivated. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep as well as exercise and proper nutrition.

Surround yourself with those that can encourage and inspire you. Negative energy can de-motivate and take valuable life out of you. Refer to books of those who inspire you the most or perhaps watch a movie that always lifts up your spirits. Understand that motivation is a force within itself, imagine athletes that may have to go through the same routine game in game out, but still have to give it all the energy they have.

I know some are paid millions to stay motivated, but there are many athletes that play for free; motivation simply serves as their fuel. Reach out and ask for help when you need it; everybody could use a little push now and then. Sometimes it helps to tell your friends what your goals are; let them celebrate some milestones with you. Accomplishing steps that lets your mind know that it's moving in the right direction will bring renewed vigor and enthusiasm. You may even discover that you have much more in the tank than you ever thought possible.

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Henry Okwo is the Founder and CEO of SalesGymUSA, a Targeted Sales Training company. Henry is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley where he was a 2-time National Champion. He has over 15 years sales and management experience and has developed a specialized sales training program based on sports performance development. He also conducts a daily mental workout on his blog,