As a business owner, you are looking to attract clients all the time to keep your pipeline full. Everyone has prospects who don’t sign on right away. These are leads who expressed interest at some point. Maybe they spoke to you at length about your services, or you had a “get acquainted” call with them. For whatever reason, they didn’t sign up at that time. You can reach back 12 months to build this list. I call these leads “low hanging fruit” because you know they have some interest so they are easier to “pick” or reconnect with, and often some will become clients.

If you have a newsletter or ezine, you’ll certainly stay in touch through that marketing tool - but there is more you can do. You can create what is called a “Drip Campaign,” something you send every month specifically to people who are low hanging fruit. You literally are dripping information, offers, value and proof that your system works, little by little and consistently like a dripping faucet.

The monthly drip campaign works to re-warm the leads that have gotten cold over time. Give them helpful content. Share information that is specific to them so you can attract clients by converting them. You want to be there when they have that problem that keeps them up at 2am, which you have the solution for. Of course you don’t know when that will be, but that is why you consistently reach out to them. One of those times, you are likely to hit that moment when they realize you have the answers they need.

You can also share a good deal of social proof. This will help attract clients and convert your low hanging fruit, showing them what they could have accomplished working with you and how it’s not too late to start working with you today to get the results they want. Social proof can have an amazing impact on the people who have already contacted you in their decision making process.

The point is to stay on the radar screen of your leads and low hanging fruit over and over again, providing content, adding value and doing nice things for them. But most importantly, you need to stay in touch on a regular basis, because consistency is what makes this work.

Your Assignment:
Do you keep your list of low hanging fruit up to date? If not, get one going. Then, create your own drip campaign to stay in touch and attract clients who are already more open to you than other prospects coming in cold.

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