It's a shame that some people choose to maintain a negative disposition about their lives. Unfortunately negative thinking generally yields negative results. Consider whatever lofty goals you may have in life, you are likely not going to get there if you think negatively. Sure, you may not get there by being positive alone, but you stand a far higher chance with a positive outlook on life. If you always think positive no matter what happens, you will give yourself the best chance. The positive mind provides more solutions. It will not cost you a dime to have a positive disposition. However staying negative can cost you everything.

Consider the Stevie Wonder example, he was losing his eye sight, but maintained the courage to produce some positive out of the situation. It must have taken unmistakable resolve to persist and bring incredible music into this world. There are numerous cases all over the world about those who grew tremendous strength out of adversity. You will find that the power of positive energy within you has incredible possibilities. It takes courage to remain positive. It means you are searching for solutions, you are not just going to take the all too easy negative brick road.

You only have to look around the world around you. Successful people usually arrived at their destination because they remained positive that they could achieve their goals regardless of the challenges. If they were negative oriented, they would have been more prone to make excuses when obstacles presented themselves. It makes total sense that an open and positive mindset will foster better rewards on your highway of life. Positive energy refreshes the body, it serves as high octane gas to fuel your long and sometimes challenging journey. On the contrary, negative energy saps your energy and steals all your strength. Furthermore, it cripples you from taking action. Staying negative is not going to provide you any answers during any setback, so you might as well be positive.

So whenever you encounter any obstacles on the highway of life, understand that others have also had similar circumstances. However, they remained positive and searched for solutions. The positive mind will be your best bet to reach your goals. So the next time the usual office crowd is negative or complaining about this or that, be the one that stands out and looks for solutions. A strong positive minded individual can bring up the energy of those around them. They have the power within them to transfer negative energy into positive. They must simply suggest any ideas to move forward and keep the car in Drive and not stuck on negative neutral.

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Henry Okwo is the Founder and CEO of SalesGymUSA, a Targeted Sales Training company. Henry is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley where he was a 2-time National Champion. He has over 15 years sales and management experience and has developed a specialized sales training program based on sports performance development. He also conducts a daily mental workout on his blog,