Hundreds of visitors are coming to the picturesque location of dandeli for their holidays. There are different things in store for the tourists in this location at the backdrop of Western Ghats. It is the possibility to do so many things and enjoy to the fullest, which brings people to this natural habitat. There are many adventurous activities that can be done.

With the river Kali flowing along the dandeli area in Karnataka, the activities of kayaking and rafting are a favorite among the tourists. The serene surroundings of the forest areas and the lakes, waterfalls and the river flowing down, is captivating. People are enthralled by the prospect of staying in the jungle resorts which are quite exotic and comfortable.

After taking up the dandeli trip packages, the tourists reach to this place. The initial impression is breathtaking as the greenery all around is in itself very satisfying. As the tourists turn to the resorts like the bison river resort, they are further charmed by the ambience in which the resorts have been made.

Set in the green forest background, there are ample spaces for various ways of enjoyment. The resort itself is a paradise in itself as tourists can lounge and relax in the comfortable rooms. The view from the windows is very exotic with mist drops on the leaves giving a glitter. The days can be spend in various enjoyable trips to the nearby places which comprise of temples, sanctuaries, waterfalls and the lakes.

For people of all age groups, the dandeli trip is perfect. Children can enjoy the trip from the jungle resorts to the sanctuaries which are rich habitat for exotic birds and animals that are quite a treat to watch. The adventurous adults can take a trip to the river Kali where kayaking, canoeing, and river rafting can be done. Even trekking along the beaten path through the jungles is quite enjoyable. On return to the resorts after a day full of enjoyable activities, the comforts are very inviting. Here, food and drinks of various types are there for the tourists to enjoy and while away their time with friends and family members.

For a few days, staying in the bison river resort, as well as other resorts, seems like a heavenly experience as the worldly concern seem far off. A very advantageous point that prevails with the place making the dandeli trip in demand is the less traffic in the area. In comparison to other hill stations and holiday spots that are frequented by tourists, the dandeli location doesn’t have a big congestion giving room for enough enjoyment.

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