Health is wealth. We all want to stay healthy and active. But what if you get some kind of illness and need heavy medication, numerous pills and handful of tablets thrice a day? Sounds scary? Why don’t try some herbal and natural cures for your sickness?

Nature comes with many of its blessings and there is one just right there waiting for you. Go explore and heal naturally. It will have good and long term effect on your health. From emotional boosts to physical wellness; all are entertained in the world of nature.

Edibles like lemon grass and other herbs used in cooking, flower oils and other natural products can be of great advantage for your health. You can use numerous herbal home remedies to get prettier glowing awesome skin like, Honey can add extra shine to your beautiful face. It adds an extra shine and smoothness to your skin. It is a natural disinfectant. You can also get rid of your pimples by using it in right proportion.

By enjoying some aroma treatment from lavender oil, you can relax and heal emotionally. Say bye to your depression and say hello to happiness. Dates and tomatoes can help you with your heart. Cranberry can be a good support in removing kidney and bladder stones. Its regular use gives your kidneys extra strength and health. It also helps you to stay away from being operated.

Benefits of cider vinegar are irresistible. It is good for your hair and also beneficial in weight loss. If you want to be slim and in shape without using diet pills and starving, try cider vinegar. As the name says, it comes from apples. Like they say, "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Add this beauty to your daily diet and get rid of illnesses.

Keeping veggies in your daily diet is a must, specially the green ones. They are mostly rich in iron and give you extra boost for all day long. A lot of herbal teas also give you healthy and body good results like, ginkgo is said to help improve circulation. Chamomile is used to reduce cramping, anxiety and muscle pains. Lemon grass tea has enormous benefits as well. It increases your immunity against fever, cold and cough. It makes your nails and skin shiny and healthy. It is very effective to get rid of the cholesterol. It is very beneficial for your digestive system. It enhances your digestion and makes your gastrointestinal problems go away.

Many flowers are also beneficial for health. Like; rose water is good for your eye cleansing. It relaxes your eyes and refreshes them. It is also good for your skin as it is also a natural skin cleanser. Lavenders are beautiful flowers. They not only smell nice but also have many advantages. Its aroma and oil helps you heal emotionally and physically too.

Nature is full with its goodness. Just pick and choose as per your need. Try aromas, flower oils, herbs and what not?

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