Telecom sector has witnessed a tremendous change with the dawn of the millennium. Both wire-line and wireless infrastructure, that is the cellphone and telephone respectively, have penetrated and become a significant part of every industry. Owing to its inevitable necessity and, thus, widespread utilization, telecom Dubai has become a major contributor in the revenue of United Arab Emirates.

UAE has progressed and developed to become one of the largest commercial center in the world supporting, promoting and becoming a platform for exhibiting advancements in each and every industry. This feat has been achieved by the introduction of competition and deregulation by the government. After the country opened its doors to foreign investment and liberalization, it experienced numerous business partnerships, mergers and joint ventures. Furthermore, globalization has resulted in immense intermingling and interaction between people across the globe. These afore-mentioned factors have led to an increased usage of phones and the internet, which has given rise to the telecom Dubai sector.

Supporting the telecommunication sector across the world is the renowned organization Panasonic. Panasonic has established itself a strong reputation on the basis of providing impeccable telecommunication devices like land-line and cordless phones, fax machines, projectors and scanners, among others. Panasonic UAE also caters to the various telephone requirements of all business firms.

Panasonic's hi-tech telephones offer features like excellent sound clarity, full color and back lit LCD display, talking caller ID, multiple ring tones & lighted antenna for easy identification of callers. The telephone system offered by Panasonic UAE support multi-site networks and single location facility, besides providing popular features like speaker phone, hands free options and DND/FWD. Furthermore, Panasonic UAE offers numerous phone systems which are advanced and function by using sophisticated technology such as ISDB, DECT and BRI port. The firm also offers high end voice mail systems that provide facilities such as live call screening, message transfer and two way recording.

The telecommunication sector has been an instrumental factor in changing and bringing a revolution in the lives of the UAE citizens. The use of telephone, mobile-phone, Internet and other devices like fax machine and scanner have helped the citizens to easily interact with each other. These devices have facilitated people to keep in constant touch with not just their friends and relatives in the UAE but the loved ones settled across the globe. This sector has not only helped strengthen personal bonds but have immensely promoted business by facilitating firms and their clients to keep constantly connected.

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