Many manufacturers, businessmen, suppliers, wholesalers and other product sellers supply their product items outside of their city and country or within their nation. They take the assistance of carrier companies to deliver their parcel or courier at their customer’s location within the preferred time period.

The whole responsibility is taken by the carrier trucks to safely deliver the stuffs. In this modern era, the demand of carrier services is increasing because people wish to buy the items via online due to convenience. The main carrier companies which are mostly booked are UPS, DHL and FedEx.

These companies sometimes provide bad services like delivering the product at wrong location, breakage of product, late delivering of products and sending higher freight bills to the owners. These bills are often sent in excess amount which seem to be unexpected for the businessmen which results in huge loss of money.

The best solution to tackle this problem is hiring freight bill audit service such as Betachon in US. This company is located in United States and serving in various shipping related areas like UPS refund, reducing shipping charges, transportation shipping report and other essential services which you need when delivering the products.

In freight bill audit, the auditors firstly analyze the invoice sent by the carrier company, then detect the errors, correct the errors & wrong information and finally prepare accurate freight invoice. This invoice is sent to carrier which then again resent to the company. This process is very careful and legal which need only freight audit logical experts to tackle.

Betachon is a trustworthy firm which is working with famous brands of US. UPS Refund is a very difficult task. To get your money back is not an easy thing. But, the logistical team of Betachon can do it well by negotiating with the UPS.

If your UPS carrier service is unable to transport the shipment at right time and date, then you can ask for UPS refund.

Some specialties about Betachon due to which you can choose them:

  1. They demand no upfront cost, monthly fee and set up fee.
  2. You could save thousand US dollars on each shipping cost.
  3. They save your time by providing fast results.
  4. They offer total parcel visibility to their clients
  5. They only ask about their fee when you will save after auditing.


Only reliable freight auditor will provide you your saved shipment cost by sustaining the transparency between you and him. Go for the auditor firm which utilizes high-tech software and tools to analyze the errors in your freight invoice.  

Hence, you will get lots of benefits from a freight bill audit firm to get your UPS refund. Therefore, you should be connected to Freight audit companies to avoiding the overspending on the shipments.

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