Blood pressure is the flow of the blood that goes against the arteries walls. When the heart beats, the pumping of blood starts in the arteries. When the heart beats while pumping the blood the blood pressure is on a high which is known as systolic pressure. When the heart takes the rest between the beats the blood pressure slows down which is known as diastolic pressure. The systolic pressure is written above and diastolic pressure below to show the reading of blood pressure.120/80 is considered as normal blood pressure while 140/90 is considered as high blood pressure and if it is between these two numbers then that is known as prehypertension.


High blood pressure does not show any symptoms initially but it may lead to serious problems like heart fail, heart attack, and stroke or kidney failure.


There are different causes for high blood pressure. Blood pressure of a normal human being also increases with age. Medical conditions like chronic kidney disease, thyroid, and insomnia lead the high blood pressure. Blood pressure rises due to the side effect of any medicine or if a women is taking birth control pills or goes through a hormone therapy. In women the high blood pressure is also noticed when they take hormones that help in reducing the symptoms of menopause. If high blood pressure is noticed in children less than ten years of age then kidney disease is a possible cause behind it.


The high blood pressure is diagnosed with the help of a blood pressure test. This test is done using a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff. This test can be done at home now days using a digital blood pressure monitor. This test is painless and can be done at any doctor’ place or at home. Before giving this test please ensure that you haven’t drunk coffee or done smoking for at least 30 minutes. You should not have a urine pressure. Relax for five minutes before giving this testate the test asks your doctor for the reading so that you can compare with other day reading. Same procedure is adopted to diagnose the high blood pressure in children too.

Prevention of high blood pressure.

The high blood pressure can be prevented when you follow a healthy diet plan having fresh fruits and vegetables and low sodium diet. Stay active in your daily life and make a habit of walking. Maintain an appropriate weight according to your height. If you are a smoker then quit smoking. Avoid stress and try to manage it with doing yoga and stress removing exercises. If you have high blood pressure problem then in addition to this follow you doctor’s advice.

Treatment of high blood pressure

The treatment of high blood pressure can be done with the help of different medicine that can be taken on the advice of a cardiologist. The diuretics can be taken. Diuretics are a water pill that flushes out the excess water and salt in the body and controls the high blood pressure. Beta blockers can be used to slow down the heart beat. The heart will pump less blood through the blood vessels dropping the blood pressure.Angiotension hormone makes the blood vessels narrow so in this situation Ace inhibitor are used to prevent the blood pressure to go up.

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