What kind of stay at home mom jobs are out there today?

There are a number of reasons as to why there are more home business opportunities today than ever before. The internet is obviously the biggest reason for this.

While there are plenty of stay at home mom jobs out there, I really recommend that you take the entrepreneurial route. If you're willing to work hard for someone else, you might as well work hard for yourself.

Let's take a look at a few stay at home mom jobs business opportunities.

Network Marketing

One of the most financially promising stay at home mom jobs out there today is network marketing. Network marketing is often referred to as multi-level marketing or MLM.

Even if you don't know it, you have probably come in contact with a network marketer or used a network marketing company's products. For example, Mary Kay is one of the industry's most successful companies.

Network marketers can earn an income in a number of ways. The first way is product sales.

Every MLM company is built around the distribution of goods or services. Commission percentage is dependent on the company you choose to enroll with. Each company is unique in its own right.

You can earn an income with MLM by selling a wide-variety of products. Be sure to research multiple companies to find the right fit for you.

In addition to making money by selling products, network marketers have an even more significant money-making opportunity. A big part of MLM is recruiting additional distributors for your downline.

Because efficiently recruiting can be so incredibly profitable, network marketing is definitely one of the best stay at home mom jobs today.

Affiliate Marketing

Because the internet has become so user-friendly, affiliate marketing is an incredibly intriguing stay at home mom jobs opportunity. Affiliate marketing is very easy to understand.

Affiliate marketers earn a commission for selling a company's products online. It should be noted that these affiliate marketers are self-employed and are independent from the company itself.

As with network marketing, affiliate marketing opportunities differ. While some programs only payout 4% sales commissions, others pay out over 50%.

Not to mention there is actually an affiliate program that pays out 100% to affiliates. Much like network marketing, affiliate marketers can earn by selling just about anything.

Popular internet marketing techniques used by affiliate marketers include blogging, creating sales videos, and learning to efficiently drive internet traffic.

Affiliate marketing is especially attractive for mothers because it is done entirely online. Flexibility is definitely a valued quality in stay at home mom jobs.


If you're interested in stay at home mom jobs and have a passion for creativity or writing, you should definitely consider blogging. Because so many people are online at any given time, it is possible to monetize a blog in various ways.

The best part about blogging is that you can diversify your business by offering a wide range of content, product, and services. There is actually a lot of money in this industry.

I hope this article on stay at home mom jobs opens some doors for you.

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