Are you sick and tired of your job and looking for a way to start working from home? While there are so many "success stories" of people making a lot of money working online and from home, the real question is how do you do it? In many ways the whole internet thing and so-called home based businesses have become totally distorted and its been abused and manipulated by opportunistic marketers trying to make a quick buck.

Its so easy to get seduced by "success stories" and seeing just how easy it is to earn a full time income by sitting on the beach all day. Yeah right! We all know that when it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. If you are serious about working from home though then you do have some real and realistic options. You probably won't make a million in you first year but replacing your current income is certainly very realistic and doable for almost anyone. You need to be smart though and try and look past those quick fix scams that promise you overnight riches.

There are essentially 2 routes that you can follow if you want to work online and from home. You can either find a work from home job or you can start an online business.

Work from home jobs is probably the easiest way to start and like any other job you will get paid in exchange for the hours you work. This is a great option if you are quite desperate for an immediate income and depending on what kind of work you do, you can earn a full time income by working only part time. The downside is that you probably won't get rich doing this but you can grow it into a nice freelance business where you hire out your skills to the world.

A home based business is a totally different cup of tea. The concept has been around for a long time and with the internet its become not only easier but its opened up a whole new world of potential. Like any other business, the problem with this model is that you will need the skill, the capital and the time to build it. The biggest challenge is that you won't get paid for the hours you put in and chances are that you will lose money at first. It takes time and patience but the big reward is that you can earn so much more. A successful online business can make you rich but its probably not as easy as many people will make you believe.

The best advice I can give you regardless of the route you will peruse is to take your time in finding the right one. Do your due diligence and do your research. In the end it can save you a lot of time and money.

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