Elk hunting can be exciting. Especially when you are after this coveted game species in areas flush with elk populations. Try your best to get a tag to one of these states to hunt down the 700-pound beasts.

Elk Hunting

Top US States for Hunting Elk

1. Colorado — #1 Spot for Getting Elks

With half a million plus of elk population, Colorado provides far more units and OTC permits in comparison to other states. In fact, the number of permits goes into thousands. Here, there are plenty of vast open spaces to try out your shots. While bow or rifle hunting is permissible in most areas, some public open spaces allow archery only units.

2. Wyoming — Higher Probability of Getting Tags

Keen to hunt down elks in the low passes and terrains of the Rocky Mountains? Though the State boasts of only 90000 elks, it assures lifetime experiences. Wyoming does not have OTC tags any more for non-residents; however, with 100 per cent draw in most units you have a much higher chance of drawing a tag.

3. Montana — Aim for the High Success Metric

Is trophy elk your scene? Do you want to get the absolute accurate shot in stunning locales? Head to Montana; it assures 100 percent draw in most units even though there are no OTC tags for non-residents. What’s more? The tags are expensive at $858.00 for non-residents but the State is worth a call with over 160,000 elks or so. Full-on backcountry or easy-to-access hunting sites? Just take your pick as Montana has it all.

4. Idaho — High value, rising popularity

Elk hunting is on a steady rise in Idaho. Trophy-wise, you may look forward to popping up a 350” bull if you’re lucky! As far as numbers are concerned, there are 105,000–150,000 bulls in large roaming herds to pick on. Carry your muzzleloader bow or rifle and you should be good!

5. Arizona — Trophies Galore

It can be difficult to land yourself the overtly expensive tag in this State. But once you do, be assured of a trophy success rate that’s higher than most states. The population of elks in Arizona is low, about 35000, but the going gets good as these animals can be found in easy-to access, small-sized packets.

6. Oregon — Roosevelt Elks? Go After Them!

Got your hands on a single tag? In Oregon, you can hunt the Rocky Mountain variety or choose to down a Roosevelt elk. There are about 100,000 to 140,000 elks of both species living in the stunning locales of this State.

Explore More US States for Hunting an Elk in US

The states mentioned above rank high on the list of the best state to hunt elk on public land in US. If you have already done your bit in these places then you may want to go to the other states in the upcoming elk hunting seasons.

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