There’s new hope in the treatment of alcoholism, heroin, and other opiate addictions with positive results occurring for drug abusers, entering into inpatient drug rehab, which combine administration of the pharmaceutical Naltrazone Hydrocholoride, along with an overall addiction treatment protocol. Unfortunately, this pharmaceutical has not proven to be effective in blocking the addictive properties of cocaine, crack or in non-opiate based addictions.

Marketed under the brand name Revia or Vivarol as a pharmaceutical treatment for drug addiction to opiates, Naltrazone Hydrocholoride shows promise in easing the symptoms of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and opiate based prescription drug addictions. Survey results published on concluded that alcoholics typically responded with a 50% decrease in alcohol consumption and a doubling in the reduction of relapse rates.

Revia accomplishes the blocking of the drug cravings associated with opiate and alcohol addiction, which are at the base of all relapse.
The benefit of Revia comes from the ability of the drug to block the clinical action of the opiate, and thus it prevents experiencing the euphoria and hence pleasure, associated with the substance.

However, it is stressed that the medication needs to be used in conjunction with detox centers and comprehensive drug treatment program with that includes traditional behavior modification, drug counseling and therapy to avoid recidivism Similarly, clinical studies show that self-administration of Revia, without the recommended drug treatment backup program, is not nearly as effective in enabling recovery. Generally, subjects who showed a good prognosis for overcoming their opiate addiction were the ones to benefit most from the combined use Naltrazone in their treatment.

Taken under medical supervision, there are little serious side effects from Naltrazone Hydrocholoride. However, dangers associated with kidney failure or when administered to patients having a history of liver disease; and, those having ingested opiates within 10 days of taking Revia, are at a greater risk for complications.

A review of comments on threads online, from recovering addicts are very encouraging with many recommending that other substance abusers give it a try. They are extolling the virtues of Vivatrol in helping them to overcome the more acute symptoms of their addiction, providing a firm underlying support, working in conjunction with the other rehab methods they’ve employed to routinely excellent recovery results.

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