Ever wondered about those large posts at the side of the streets and roads?

Have you ever given it a thought of what exactly the bars and pillars in a factory are made of?

Well, some of you already know the answer. The answer is steel.


Although the name might sound like that it is an element, but, it is not. As a matter of fact, steel is an alloy. This alloy is composed of carbon and iron. Being extremely durable and ductile, steel is used in a variety of ways. From household articles to factory tools and equipment – steel has a diverse range of its utilisation. Another interesting fact is that this alloy is also recyclable.

Although most of you know a lot of scientific facts about steel, here are some facts to amaze you more. Plus, they will give you some extra information. Read on.


Yes, it is. Steel is a highly sustainable product. Think of a wooden house of an average of 2000 sq ft. This house with the mentioned area will require almost 40 trees to be built. If you think of making this very house with steel, it would need just four cars – obviously recycled.

The Age Factor

Well, age may be an issue for humans. But it is not going to be one for steel. Being 150 years old after manufacturing, steel can retain its strength, its durability and ductility.

Weight and Strength

Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger. He wore an armour entirely made out of steel weighing 44 kgs. The armour has managed to withstand nine shots at the back, five to the head, three to the chest and one to the shoulder.

Steel and an Animal?

Well, believe it or not, there is a creature, which has steel in its body! The name of the animal has also been rightfully ascribed. It leaves in the sea and is called as the samurai snail. Yes, it is a snail which has its shell made from iron sulphite granules. Being extremely tough, the shell gives the snail protection from external threats such as predators.

Sydney Gets Taller!

No, no! It is not the city. It is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We all know a particular information from our school classes of chemistry that steel has the capability of expanding in severe heat. Well, that happens for the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The arch can expand almost 18 centimetres in a day of high temperature in the summer.


Ancient Spartans used small steel sticks as currency. These materials were heavy and were not apt for trade. These, at that time, were known as ‘Obols’.


Apart from the worldwide release of the superhero movie ‘Man of Steel’, the total amount of crude steel released in the same year by the manufacturers has the capability of making 160,000 Eiffel Towers.


Students of Metallurgy or Chemistry know this fact well. Being an alloy, steel is very much ductile in its nature. If it is made of thin wires, the wires will continue to have the strength and durability of steel. There are many of the steel manufacturers or steel fabricators who prepare a product named the ‘steel mesh’. The mesh can be used for clothing and, thus, can be worn by people as the mesh is lighter and is flexible. Different industries do use steel mesh for their thermal and radiation resisting qualities.

Apart from steel fabrications, it is also used in vehicles and vehicle repairing services such as repairing large trailers in Brisbane.

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