It is a fact that bottled water are becoming a giant industry today and if it’s not too late, you could also have a chance to start this kind of business. With luck and hard work, success will be within your reach because the demand for clean water is high. Consumers are conscious with what they drink and clean water is of extreme importance.
If you are asking yourself why mineral water is becoming a successful business, then you should know that it is mainly because more and more people are becoming health conscious. Most of us are concerned about our health and figure including what our body intakes. Statistics have shown that the industry of preservatives juices, energy drink, etc. had gone down due to the introduction of bottled water which is available in big and small containers.
You can see different brands of water coolers in office, public places like train stations, etc. Today water coolers are not only seen in commercial establishments or public places, they are now present in many homes. Homeowners today choose to have their very own water coolers at home. They want to be able to drink clean water as often as possible and without having to worry about contaminants in the water they drink. That’s how the industries have grown, from private offices before but now in every home. You might not believe it but the consumption of purified drinking water is becoming a basic need in every home, just like food and electricity.
This is already a good sign that if you enter the water delivery business and similar to it will most likely succeed and be a profitable business. If you want to start a bottled water delivery business, then what you should do first is to plan your business well by doing a market research to know your target market and what products are in demand. You should also know your competitors and learn what they are offering to their customers. Then, find the perfect spot to put up your business. It should be in a public area or an area where potential customers will most likely drop by.
Make sure to have a telephone where customers can call and a vehicle to be used for delivering water to households and offices. Set a minimum limit of bottles before they can avail free delivery. Next, promote your business online or thru newspaper and magazines then offer freebies to your customers like free use of water coolers for the first year for exclusive delivery of purified water or you can supply them additional bottle for every first bottles they purchase. Set your promo offer based on what you think can get the attention of potential customers.
You should also decide what products you will offer. There are 3 basic kinds of bottled water being sold in the market today, these are purified drinking water, mineral water, and distilled. Purified underwent the reverse osmosis process, mineral water comes from spring or wells and distilled underwent the process of vaporization to remove the minerals. If you need to get more assurance on what product most consumers prefer then do feasibility study.
The most important of all is to acquire necessary permits and licenses and know the laws governing your business. Make sure your business is legal and you abide the law.

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