It is difficult to make a business successful, but the painting industry has challenges of its own. You need to be aware of some ground basics when you start-up your painting business. You may think that paint companies may not require much start-up capital – and depending on certain matters, you may be right. You will need some capital for basic necessities like painting tools like brushes and ladders. You may think you can use the same brush for multiple things but remember that getting the right colour shades that your client requires will take specific tools and expertise. Paint companies also need to keep track of their incomes and expenses, so you want to use a basic laptop to keep track of them. You can also use it for other purposes like writing bid proposals, advertising, and transactions using credit cards and for paying your employees.

Cover all areas, not just when you’re painting but also in legal matters. Go and get a license for your business. And once you’ve done that, get a good insurance cover for your business – your office, your vehicles and other necessities that can be covered. Paint companies need insurance as much as any other business does, just in case. Get your company incorporated so that, you can make sure that your own personal assets don't get dragged into a fight, should you get into any legal hassle. You can go to your local paint stores and get a credit account set up so that you can buy materials on credit. You can also make sure that you guide your clients on the available colour shades for their home. Make suggestions of what would suit where, but leave the decision to them – after all, the colour shades are going to be something that they live with.

Make sure your company has enough tools – at least have enough for about three or four people, and you can expand later on as your business grows. Be sure to get things like outdoor ladders, indoor ladders, plastic coverings, drop cloths and so on. Also make sure that you have good estimates on pricing – not too high and not too low. Advertise using websites instead of depending on word of mouth alone. Using modern methods is just going to get the job done efficiently and expeditiously. Don’t start out hoping to be a strong competition for existing paint companies immediately. It'll take time for you to get a foot hold and then expand, so impatience won't help you any. So go pick the colour shades you want and paint your industry the way you want!

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