Have you ever had opportunity slap you in the face and every day since you said NO to it, you have kicked yourself? Sometimes, when a door opens, you must accept the challenge and just go with it. When you hesitate at a chance to embark on a new direction, time will quickly pass you by and you will not again have that same opportunity. The same is true if you do not apply yourself in pursuing possibilities for yourself. This means that if you truly want something in your life, you have to GO AFTER IT. In reality, life does not drop things into your lap. You must first create your strategic vision for what it is you desire. The next step is to commit yourself and be disciplined enough to roll out and carry out the plan you have created. If you do not, you may possibly live with the regret of not having done so.

The next thing to remember is that if something is meant to happen in your life, it will. The Universe often gives us numerous opportunities and channels that ultimately lead to the same destiny. The route you take to that destiny, however, is what you generate through your own actions, reactions and mindset. If you are one of those individuals who holds back out of fear, I want you to think about what it is that may be stopping you. Is it an experience from your past that is keeping you from moving forward in your life? Have you been rejected from a job, another person, or maybe things did not turn out the way you anticipated they would? As I mentioned earlier, if something is meant to be, the Universe will see to it that it happens for you. Often times, you may need to experience different events and various levels of those events in your life so that you are fully ripened and ready for the greatness and success that you are destined to achieve.

You must be mentally, intuitively, and physically prepared to triumph over challenges that will certainly come with the territory. For example, I know of a woman who for over two decades encountered various challenges and apparent roadblocks in her life. She worked a number of jobs where she just could not get ahead in life. After losing a major contract, she felt defeated and as if she would never accomplish anything. It was a couple of years later when a wonderful company hired her. Not only was the environment a class act, her team became an incredible support to her. But here is the ticker, every single job she ever held and every single experience she encountered in her life was now playing an essential role in her new career. She was now using each and every intuitive, emotional and intellectual knowledge she had gained from her life experiences. She had finally come full circle and was now reaping the rewards of both her sacrifices and willingness to keep moving onward despite the face of adversity. You can, too. Start saying yes. If you have been defeated in life, know that you can achieve success no matter the hardships you have had. The Universe is calling you – Are you listening?

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