Hey, what’s up everybody? Another week, another video. And in this week’s video, you’re going to be learning about the importance of moving.

Little known fact is, everybody sits down too much, everywhere. We are living in a society of lazy people. Come on folks, think about this. I was in a subway the other day standing and actually observing people my age, I’m only 27, sitting down, hunching over, on their way to work, on their way to school.

Obviously, they’re sitting down on their breakfast table, then sitting down at the bus, then sitting down on a subway, then guess what? You’re going to school and sitting down, going back on the bus… it’s absolutely insanity.

How is it that as a society we are supposed to become healthy if we’re not moving?

It’s programmed in your genes, our genes to move. When you don’t move, you become sick. You can be eating your fancy foods, your paleo foods, you can be taking all your supplements you can possibly think about. But if you’re not moving, and I mean moving naturally or walking or standing, you’re not healthy. I’m sorry. I’m tired of seeing all these recommendations for supplements, recommendations for food, but yet they’re forgetting the biggest co-factor is movement.

You cannot be sitting at your desk all day hunched over and going and expect to be healthy. No, my friend, you must stand up. That’s why I highly advocate standing desks. That’s why I highly advocate, in the morning when you wake up, go outside, walk around for five minutes. That’s why I advocate if you are taking popular transport, stand. Stand in the subway, stand in the bus.

If you can’t stand at work, get up every hour. It’s simple, go get a drink every hour or just go walk around for five minutes. Do not stay seated for eight hours. It is destroying your health, guys. It’s simple as that. Please, if you take any message in the world of health, the one key message should be move.

It’s simple, move, have fun, be adventurous. This is the human spirit. This is what life is about. It’s about moving and feeling the world around you. It’s not about sitting down at the desk and figuring, “Oh, I’ve got to send twenty emails.” It’s not about, “Oh, I got to go call Johnny.” It’s not about lying in bed. No, it’s about movement. It’s about having fun with yourself and letting your body become natural with earth, simple as that.

“Yeah, I ranted today.” So what?

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