In Russia, a small hand held battery powered device for pain management called SCENAR achieved 88.50% cure rates across all the disease groups. These astonishing clinical trial results on 18,255 people were published by Dr. Yuri Gorfinkle in 1986. In one subgroup example of 1820 people with radiculopathy or trapped nerves, the cure rate was 91.76%. In another subgroup of 605 people with pain like cervicalgia (neck pain), lumbago (lower back pain) and sciatica, the cure rate with SCENAR was an amazing 96.20%.

Google searches for “SCENAR” are skyrocketing! In 2003, the number of searches was 13,800 for the entire year. The 2009 year to date number is 447,000 in just 10 months, a 3,239.13% increase!

Are you seeking a solution for your pain or an incurable disease? The statistics indicate, the SCENAR may be just that!

SCENAR is an acronym for "Self Controlled Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulation". What could be mistaken for a TV remote control, is in fact a highly sophisticated electro-stim biofeedback interactive device, designed to be an informational analogue to a living system. The SCENAR works by stimulating the body with electrons (that you feel as small tingling on your skin), quickly recharging the cells and energy systems of the body and releasing the body's pharmacopoeia of neuropeptides. According to the Russians, there is hardly any disease that the SCENAR won't cure.

In 1986 following the extensive clinical and technical trials, the SCENAR was approved by the USSR Medical Council in 1986 for use both in hospitals and the home. Since then SCENAR models have been registered and approved by the FDA in the USA and also in Europe and in Australia.

SCENAR was invented in 1973 by Russia's electrical engineer Dr. Alexander Karasev, with the intent to make the SCENAR available to everyone. In the early 1980's it was refined by a team of about 100 top secret Russian scientists and doctors based at Sochi University. Their goal was to find a solution for maintaining the good health of astronauts in space and coping with any illness in the lightest, smallest, and most energy efficient way without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Then in the 1980's, the Russians went through massive SCENAR clinical trials that resulted in 88.50% cure rates in all the disease groups. Now days there are many SCENAR models on the market from simple automatic SCENARs to fully professional ones and they all work exceedingly well. It was the RITM 032 that was used to obtain the Russian clinical results. Professor Revenko, who teaches the classical "Russian SCENAR Protocols" internationally claims that most illnesses can be treated and often cured.

We owe a "Big Thank You" to SCENAR inventor Dr. Alexander Karasev and many others for their dedication to refine and prove the SCENAR "Star Trek Healing Device" (Kindred Spirit Magazine), that is:

* drug free * affordable
* ergonomic * non invasive
* simple to use * without side effects

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Out of my own experiences I became convinced that SCENAR is the greatest gift to humanity for healing. It took me as an engineer many years to understand the basics of how the SCENAR works - a whole new approach to medicine.
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