When times seem good are you identifying with your current mood or the way things seem to be? Are people applauding your work? Is everything "going your way?"
For many of us, we build our houses on sand. We depend on the approval of others. We may not realize this until they take it all away. Have you experienced this? Relationships of all kinds can be built upon sand, or the inconsistent behaviour of others. Here are three ways to build your house on solid ground.

1. Trust Yourself
You have a wise voice within constantly guiding you. No matter what other people say or do, listen to that voice or feel those feelings in your gut that are telling you otherwise. People act out of their own consciousness and it may not align with yours. Listen to what you know to be true and not what people are telling you.

2. Detach From Outcome
Realize that some people attempt to gain influence from manipulation or control. If you have no agenda or need to attain something you can be free from this drama and complication in your life. Be free from attachment and you will not suffer at the hands of others.

3. Stay Connected to Source
When times are tough or are going smoothly, stay connected to Source energy. We are beings of energy and when we are not connected to Source power we will attempt to take our power from other people. Other people will attempt to take or drain our power as well. To avoid this, stay in your power as connected to Source, in this place you will naturally trust and detach from any outcomes as you are united with the most powerful force in the Universe, love of yourself and others. We do not allow manipulation or control here. Now that is solid ground and a place to root and flourish.

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Anne Deidre is the author Extreme Intuitive Makeover 55 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Inner Visions The Healing Path of Art and Spiritual Enlightenment Oracle Cards A Toolkit for Creating Divine Magic in Your Life. She is a healer, inspirational speaker, artist and facilitates powerful healing as an intuitive life coach. Her television show The Intuitive Millionaire Coach show airs weekly. Please visit her website at www.annedeidre.com and receive your free intuitive makeover.