I’ve always believed you must stand up for your beliefs and don’t falter. I wouldn’t necessarily say I would never change my opinion about anything if I found I had gotten some wrong information or misjudged something. However once I have checked things out, listened to some experts and even gotten proof about a certain subject I would stick with my opinion no matter what.

I’m a strong believer in alternative and natural methods for healing illnesses and diseases. This belief came about the day I went with my wife to her oncologist when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had intended to discuss with her doctor to use alternative and natural methods to heal her disease. However he wanted no part of my suggestion. My wife did accept his recommendations but I left his office vowing to spend the rest of my life searching for the methods I believed in. I continue my research today and will do it as long as I am able to do so.

I have written about my feelings in several articles and I have submitted them to directories for publication. For those who have read several of my articles you may get bored hearing about it.

However I can’t emphasize it enough that you must stand up for your beliefs and don’t falter. What has prompted me to bring up this subject again is because of my wife being hospitalized for having chest pains.

After three days of hospitalization it was found she had a blockage in one of her arteries. Consequently the decision was made to insert a stent in the artery. I wasn’t able to be there that day because of a physical condition I have to hear the doctor’s decision.

If I had been there I would have gotten more detailed information and discussed alternative methods before a final decision was made. However it is now done and the method the doctor suggested plus the medications she should take.

Now that brings up another matter, it’s the medications he recommended, which I am not happy about. Lipitor is recommended for her cholesterol and Plavix is recommended for a blood thinner plus aspirin to go with it.

If you read the side effects for these two prescriptions it is shocking. I wouldn’t take either of them even though I have a heart condition myself. I treat my condition with garlic and fish oil supplements and they fill the bill for both Lipitor and Plavix (Don’t believe me) Check out these links.



Fish Oil


Natural Blood Thinner

I now have a problem that is causing friction with some of my family members. They are conventional doctor believers and they know my beliefs about conventional medicine. My wife is also a believer and she will do whatever her doctor recommends. My doctor is a holistic doctor and I believe in him.

It is very frustrating that the majority of people believe in conventional medicine. The medical society and the pharmaceutical companies have brainwashed them so much I can hardly believe it. It is not only frustrating but shocking too.

I try to educate the public as much as I can on my website where I have three eBooks containing the research I’ve done on alternative and natural healing.

That is the contribution I can offer anyone at this time except my occasional articles I write on the subject. Go there now and get educated at www.sonnyjulius.com

Author's Bio: 

Born in Jeffersonville, IN Sonny spent most of his adult life in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it at the age 42 years he left it to begin a 20 year career in sales. He became a sales supervisor and spent the rest of his working years in that profession.

He is now a retired senior citizen and a health and wellness researcher and author. He is a strong advocate of alternative and natural healing methods. He has been vigorously researching this subject for over 10 years and has published it in three different eBooks.

Sonny’s plan to do this researching was prompted by the results of a visit to his wife’s oncologist to talk to him about treatment for her diagnosed breast cancer condition. Sonny recommended that she be treated with alternative and natural healing methods. He refused but his wife accepted the doctor’s recommendations.

After leaving his office that day Sonny vowed to spend the rest of his life researching for alternative and natural methods of healing which he still continues to do to this very day. His research was directed to areas on the Internet dealing with authorities in alternative medicine and natural healing. It included publications, newsletters, websites and even special reports of naturopathic and holistic doctors. He was also interested in any research on alternative and natural healings done by any specialist in that field.

In addition because of his past interest in sales he also did extensive research on self - development issues. His passion in life has always been to share this vital information so others will be able to develop a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that they greatly desire.

All the information he has gathered are in included in his eBooks which are available on his website at: http://www.sonnyjulius.com