“If you wish to be wealthy, then act to create real value.” — Ralph Marston

An aspect of setting yourself apart from competitors is the value that you add to your services, without wanting anything in return. Competition within one’s industry can sometimes be fierce. Once you’ve determined what you offer that your competitors don’t, it’s time to start adding value to your clients and create a relationship they’ll be crazy not to continue (and tell others about). And this doesn’t have to drain your resources.

What is a “client extra?” It’s something you offer, at no additional cost that is of great value to the recipient. Often a client extra is something low cost or no cost to you that doesn’t take much time to give away, but can really appeal to the client. People like to receive extra stuff. They feel special, they feel that you care and they tell others about it.

In the beginning of my coaching practice, I used to offer free Monday Open Office Hours (MOOH) to clients on Mondays, unlimited free attendance to as many live events I’m hosting as they like, occasional free editing of their documents, free handouts and templates and scripts and unlimited e-mail support in between calls. Clients tell me they really like the extra attention and resources, and none of these cost me anything extra.

What this could mean for your business: open office hours each Friday to answer any questions at no additional cost, a hot lunch in your office’s waiting room, taped recordings of your sessions so the client can review them over and over again, free articles, free attendance to your workshops, quarterly brainstorming groups, etc.

The key is to offer what someone really needs, and for this, you have to place yourself in the shoes of your ideal client or actually ask your ideal client what they would like to receive as a client extra.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

What is it that you would want to receive as an extra if you were in their place? What is one element that you could offer free of charge that would help solve a client’s problem more quickly or help them achieve their goal in record time? What could you offer as an extra that would make them remember you and talk to others about you?

Make a list of them all, however far-fetched the idea, and then add it to your services. Put it in your marketing materials (along with the benefits of such client extras) and see what happens. A buzz about your services is likely to be created and people will start talking about you and start signing up with you as clients in greater numbers.

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