Every day we are surrounded by influence agents, who are all vying for our attention in one way or another. There are billboards everywhere, companies use ambush techniques like phone solicitation, to try to get our attention and money, TV and radio commercials blast at us all day, our emails are filled to the brim with unwanted advertising messages and even when you try to use your social media channels, there are adverts everywhere. There is a mass of unwanted noise going on around us all the time.

People are attempting to influence us to spend our money with them by requesting that we do things, forcing us to do things, suggesting we think in a certain way, offering slogans to repeat, songs to remember and even how we should change and reflect our attitude to the world. This noise just seems to go on incessantly all around us every day. Research conducted in the USA suggests that we are exposed to more than 30 000 solicitations every day, in one form or another. The world is literally filled with people trying to influence other people, to do something different or to purchase their product or service.

Excelling at Sales in this Sea of Noise
If you want to excel as a sales professional in this environment, where there is constant noise and attention seeking, you need to be very careful not to just become an additional noise or irritation to your market and prospects. You must learn to stand out from the crowd and the incessant noise, by becoming positively influential and persuasive.

At minimum, you must have an intricate knowledge of your own value proposition, the benefits it offers and you must know exactly what sort of customer needs your product or services satisfies. You must be crystal clear about what you have to offer. You can never use a spray and pray strategy, where you think there are 7 billion customers available to you and so if you spray your message out into the world, one of them will need what you have to sell and approach you to buy.

Tailor-make your Message and Approach
When you have an intricate knowledge of your value proposition, you are able to target specific prospects, who need exactly what you have to sell. You are then able to tailor make your approach and message to each of them. This will allow you to stand out and allow you to get your message properly communicated to the right person, in the right business, in the right way, and at the right time.

This targeted approach will allow you to get your message into the hands of the decision maker, so that they can see that you are only interested in achieving the best outcome for everyone involved. You can never develop mutually beneficial relationships with anyone, until they stop long enough to hear what you have to say.

Qualify every Prospect
Be very careful never to just become part of the incessant noise going on. Your sales success in this ever changing world depends on targeting the perfect prospect, connecting with them and showing them how well your value proposition satisfies all their needs. You only have a limited amount of time available each day, stop wasting another moment on cold calling or unqualified prospects.

Cold Calling went out in the Dark Ages
Let me first define what I refer to as a “Cold Call”. It is an unprepared, unsolicited blind call on a random prospect, in which you approach them in the hope that they will need what you have to sell. All a cold call brings to your market, is just another loud noise, another unsolicited interruption, which irritates prospects and closes them down.

There is no need to ever do a cold call again. When you understand your value proposition, the benefits it offers and you carefully target only individuals and businesses, who need exactly what you have to offer. By knowing precisely who your prospects are, what their specific needs are. You can research them and discover innovative ways of connecting with them. With the incredible amount of information available via Google search, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the myriad of other tools out there. You can thoroughly research each one of them and develop an effective strategy to reach out to and communicate your value proposition to them.

Action Idea: Try to discover what networking events they attend, who their accountant or attorney is, who supplies them printing services, etc. What I am saying here is that you need to try to find an innovative way of getting someone to introduce them to you. Once you have an established track record, you can obviously request referrals from all your very satisfied customers. This strategy is really simple. You will ask all your really satisfied customers to refer you to other people, who will benefit from your value proposition.

Don’t expect to succeed as a sales professional, if you are just going to become part of the noise out there. The more informed you are about your product, service, your market and targeted prospects and the more you innovate, finding ways to stand out. The easier it will be to get your message into the right people’s hands. This targeted approach will help you to connect with the right people, forming mutually beneficial long term relationships with them.

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