Stained Glass Painting is a form of art that has thrived since the late middle ages as a visual art form for the connoisseurs’ delight which is appreciated by the international tourists. People travels thousands of miles just to have a glimpse of this immortal form of art that may transform their mood and transcend them the barriers of time. Now it is our privilege to have this spectacular form of art to decorate our homes and offices or any other establishment of our choice to create the ambience that enhances the feel that we wish to evoke among its visitors. It has been more than thousand years that stained glass found its way to human society. Traditionally it was made in flat panels and used as windows mainly of churches and other significant buildings but later it started making its way to even normal organizations and buildings. The modern stained glass artists have innovated upon this age old craft to three-dimensional structures and sculpture too.

Vancouver is a modern city with the legacy of a bygone era. This is very much evident in its town planning and the vintage flavor that is evident from the architecture of its traditional buildings and heritage sites. There is a distinctive use of glass as a principal element of adding aesthetics to this brilliant city with an eternal presence. Take for instance its much illustrious City Square Shopping Centre across the street from City Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia. Located in the heart of the heritage district of central Vancouver, adorning the northwest corner of 12th Avenue and Cambie Street, this is surely an emblem of the eternal appeal of this harbor city. City Square's shopping mall and office complex is an ideal genesis of modern and heritage architecture that ushers the blueprint of modern Vancouver. The heritage wings of the shopping mall complex were built in 1905 and 1908 to conduct the Model School and Normal School. The Model School and Normal School are iconic three-storey granite and sandstone buildings built in the Italianate style.

The slate roofs, copper cupola and stained glass windows add further charm and character to the architecture. The schools are connected to two six-storey office towers by a large modern spacious glass atrium. The use of glass by a landmark building of the town may be behind the popularity of stained glass as a principal element to add ambience about the residents and business entrepreneurs of Vancouver. Whatever the reason is the city uses stained glass designs to great effect and makes it a principal motif of the city architecture.

The residents use stained glass to build the doors, windows and even showpieces to decorate their houses. The commercial establishments and eateries create an ambience that suits their business whereas the government agencies also use stained glass to create an aura to the major buildings of importance. Naturally the city has a number of qualified and adept stained glass artists to take care of all these projects. Among them some are comfortable to all types of projects due to their experience in handling varied clientele. Roger Bryant from Richmond is one among them who has made a mark through his notable stained glass art in doors, windows and showpieces other than restorative work of substance.

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Ambleside Stained Glass is a stained glass designing studio based in Richmond, BC that provides impressive stained glass designs for doors, windows and stained glasses including Heritage, Abstract, Geometric and Figurative. Roger Bryant runs this studio with passion and imaginative brilliance to execute the dreams of all his clients with a visualization that is rarely found in the area of commercial stained glass painting. He is available for free consultancy with prior appointment.