If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you probably would fear to lose your partner. Sometimes it leads to mental disease as well, called OCD. You love him or her too much because of an attachment that grows up from time to time, and at a stage, it reaches on a strong bond. Once that bond is broken, the person also breaks inside, and that's too painful feeling ever.

The person after break up undergoes many depressing thoughts and even suicidal. That's why he or she needs a proper guideline after a break up; if not, he or she may suffer more. is a platform where we offer every kind of guidance regarding couples and marital life. There are some stages of Dumper Regret, explained below.


The first stage of Dumper Regret is Anger. When your partner cheats on you, you become furious. You get negative thoughts about your partner, and sometimes you think about revenge or even harming him or her. Such thoughts are harmful to both of you physically and mentally.

The best option is to think about the reasons behind the breakup, why did he or she do so? When you try to find out the answers, you eventually get into the feeling of relaxation. There might be a misunderstanding or mistake unconsciously made by you. Lovemagnet is guiding countless people.


Although worrying earlier thought, it occurs when you are in love with someone, and you do not want to lose him or her, but still, after the breakup, it remains stuck with you. Worrying about your ex is the sign of your immortal love for him or her. It is one of the basic feelings of love.

It is better to keep the feeling with you, but do not take it too sensitively; otherwise, it can mentally torture you. Lovemagnet is a site where you can find the most appropriate solutions like the sweetest things to say to your husband. People who worry about their loved ones thought to be very sympathetic, which is a very beneficial quality for mental health.


Anxiety is an extreme feeling of worrying. When a person stuck in something uncontrollable, he or she falls in anxiety that is one major factor of depression. It is usual among people who suffer from recent breakup or heartbreak. It is a stage of Dumper Regret. Falling into anxiety is normal after a breakup, but letting it increase day by day is your fault. It is a severe condition, must be looked after.

Ways of getting rid of anxiety

There are many ways you can get rid of anxiety. If you are at this stage, you must go for an outing; spend time with friends and family; do not sit alone; do something that you like, and have some entertainment and fun, never think about past incidents of the love. Visit our website, Lovemagnet, for better guidance.


Everyone needs sympathy from people. It is a cure for broken and sad souls. But especially those who are heartbroken need much sympathy from their loved ones. It will heal their sadness so fast than anything else. They need to have a very sympathetic environment after a breakup. In Lovemagnet, you can find such a proficient climate that will help you get back to a happy life again.


Accepting the situation is the ultimate solution to the problem. Once you feed "Yes, I accept it, and I am going to move on!" in your mind, you will eventually come up with the power to accept all these problems and move ahead in your life. It is the best solution to every problem, especially this one because you will never get back in your life. So it is better to forgive and forget them and move on and let any other person with better qualities place in your heart. Lovemagnet is probably the best option at this step.


After the loss of your partner, you are broken inside. This breakup leads to many critical results. To avoid those harmful results, you must get rid of those situations after a break up immediately. In this case, you have to focus on your mental health. Try to keep yourself busy in your favorite works and surround yourself with people you like.

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