SSC online notified the SSC CGL 2020 syllabus for SSC Preparation of English language & Comprehension. A good understanding of the English language is a must for CGL Posts.
SSC Preparation: Phrases and Idioms
Phrases are a group of words that have a specific meaning when used together.
Example: Bread and Butter- livelihood
Idioms are phrases that have well-known meanings but different from actual words.
Example: Think out of the box- think creatively.
Tips to learn Phrases and Idioms:
Keep reading Novels and magazines.
Understand the meaning
Find the origin of each idiom and phrase.
Connect visual imaginary
Learn the context
Learn similar Idioms and phrases together.
Make a handy copy to revise at the last minute.
Keep practicing them in your day to day conversation.
SSC Preparation: One-word Substitution
In this type of question, one word is used for a relatively large sentence or phrase to make it precise.
Improve your vocabulary.
Learn them by Category like a god, people, etc.
Keep revising on a daily basis.
Make them part of your spoken English.
SSC Preparation: Sentence Correction
For sentence correction, you must apply the correct grammar rule with the correct use of different words.
The verb should be according to the subject.
Both should be either singular or plural.
Example: A girl is dancing.
The girls are dancing.
In the case of a collective noun, the singular form of the verb should be used.
Example: The world is watching.
Two Subjects added by ‘or’ must use a singular verb.
Example: X or Y is working on the project.
Two subjects added by ‘and’ must use a plural verb.
Example: Girls and boys are reading.
Sentences starting with ‘Any’, ‘Every’ or ‘Each’ must use a singular form of a verb.
Example: Anyone is going to the party.
Everyone is equal.
Sentence with ‘either’ or ‘neither’ use a singular verb if both the subjects are singular and use plural if one or both the subjects are plurals.
Example: Either Ram or Shyam is playing.
Neither girls nor boys are going to play.
Whenever use comparative words like ‘then’, the objective form of the verb is used.
Example: She is taller than me.
2. Redundancy or repetition should be checked.
Incorrect sentence- He returned back yesterday.
Correct sentence- He came back yesterday.
3. Modifiers (an adjective or an adverb) should be used correctly; otherwise, the meaning of the sentence will change.
Incorrect Sentence- After painting all day, the poster was admired by the painter.
Correct Sentence: After painting all day, the painter admired the painting he had painted.
4. The comparison should be made between similar types of things.
Example: The Population of India is greater than in Canada.
5. ‘Few’ is used before countable nouns where ‘less’ is used before uncountable nouns.
The place is a few kilometers away.
There is less water in a pot.
6. ‘Few’ means something negligible; ‘a few’ is equivalent to some.
The place is a few kilometers away.
A few persons like the movie.
7. Distinguish between similar types of words which have a different meaning.
Example: lay, lie, laid, etc.
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