Trading Online Investor Subscription Services

Securities research services takes a different approach to trading online investor subscription services. Many investor subscription services expose their clients to too much risk.

When risk is too high, losses become inevitable. It does investors little good to earn fantastic returns for a month or two only to lose all their money by the end of the year because they didn’t understand the risk they were taking to achieve those returns. We find the right balance using strategies that actually force accounts to steadily grow. We aren’t exciting, we don’t entertain, but we do have a long record of steady growth that has consistently outperformed major funds.

Online Stock Trading and Investor Strategy

It doesn’t take a great deal of genius to scan the markets each morning and find a list of stocks that have just made a big move. But many subscription services do just that. Sometimes a stock that has just moved 10 or more percentage points in a day will keep on running, but odds are even better that traders piling in after a big move will end up buying the top while smarter investors who bought earlier sell and take profit.

If a stock is too far from a base that offers support, we aren’t interested. Instead we look for strongly trending stocks that are just moving out of a basing pattern. The base allows us to better manage risk and stocks that are moving out of these patterns offer far more potential as it is far less likely profit-taking will take place any time soon.

Trade in direction of trend
Buy from sound bases
Buy strength, sell weakness
Online Trading and Investor Stock Pick Strategy:

Technical patterns are only a small part of the equation for a successful trade. Stocks that have the highest probability for success are those stocks that funds are accumulating. When analyzing the markets, we first look at leading sectors and then drill down and examine those stocks that are leading the leading sectors. These are the stocks major institutions are buying and those are the stocks we want to buy too. Before we recommend a stock we want to ensure it has at a minimum several quarters of increasing fund ownership, great EPS, a great earnings outlook, and most importantly, a good story that tells us why that company is taking over market share from their competitors. These are the stocks that have the best potential and these are the stocks that offer traders the best risk versus reward ratio.

Focus on leadership
Increasing fund ownership
Increasing EPS
Relative Strength
Risk Management Strategy:

When evaluating online trading investor subscription services, take a look at their risk management strategy. How wide are their stop losses?  Do they use stop losses? Every trade is subject to fail, no matter how good a stock picker you are. If the potential loss is as large as the potential reward, there is no way the trading system can be successful. Years ago we developed a system that actually forces your portfolio to grow. Like a ratchet tool that forces a mechanism to move forward without slipping back, our risk management strategy is designed to keep your portfolio growing.

We never buy a stock unless it has at least a 10 percent reward potential and we keep our losses under 2% when we are wrong. For over seven years now, we have kept our loss average on losing positions below 2 percent. We have done so by adjusting position size based on market conditions and support levels, adjusting stops as necessary, and by buying where we know buyers have consistently provided support. The great thing about this strategy is that we only need to be correct 50 percent of the time to earn serious profits as you can see in the example of 10 trades below.

Position sizing
Stop loss placement
SRS 10/2 Ratchet System
SRS Trading Online Investor Subscription Services

Each morning, several hours before the financial markets open, clients receive the SRS trading stock investment newsletter in their email in box. The newsletter contains a detailed analysis of the market conditions, an assessment of probabilities for success that day and detailed trade recommendations, including where to buy, where to sell if something goes wrong, and where to take profit. And, we follow up with each recommendation. We hold our client’s hands throughout the trade. Each day we review how the trade is performing and make adjustments as necessary until we close out the position.

Daily market analysis
Stock trading recommendations
Detailed entry, target, and stop loss prices
Detailed stock trade description (technical and fundamental)
Detailed guidance for open positions

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