Kalpitiya Beach In Northern Sri Lanka And Anurdhapura The Oldest Kingdom In Sri Lanka

When talking about Beach tours to Sri Lanka most travelers just wander through south coast in Sri Lanka. They do not know there are some beautiful and less crowded beaches in northern coast. We start our Sri Lanka tour from Kalpitiya. A small beach town famous for whale watching. Except for whales you can see dolphins there. And also Kalpitiya has small fishing harbor and home to Kalpitiya peninsula.

This peninsula is home to some rare fishes, plants and birds. Kalpitiya is one of the best places to start your beach tour is in the island. In Northern coast except beaches you can visit national parks too. Willpaththu is one of them. Famous for leopard spotting this national parks is home to elephants, alligators, buffalos, bears and many species. And also you can spot some beautiful birds in here too. Willpaththu is the perfect addition for your beach tour.

From Wilpaththu you can travel to Anurdhapura, the oldest kingdom in the island. This is home to many ruins and one of the oldest civilization in the world. In here you can see large stupas, palaces and some beautiful tanks. From Anuradhapura you can travel to Jaffna peninsula. A home to some beautiful tourist attractions in the north. When talking about Sri Lanka beaches and holidays, Pigeon island has been one of the main tourist attractions lately.

Coral Sanctuaries And White Sand Beach In Jaffna

Piegeon island is a coral sanctuary you can spot coral fishes easily and some time small sharks too. Pigeon island is a separate island from Sri Lanka to travel there you can use motor boat or ferry. Another tourist attraction in the island is bottomless well in Nilavarai , located in Palay shore. In here you can find fresh mineral water coming from some underground source. There are failed attempts find the bottom of this well, some even calling this is a miracle well can cure the sick.

From there you can visit Casuarina Beach another famous beach in north coast. This is queit famous for it's Maldives like white sand and and calm ocean. A perfect spot for swimming and diving in your Sri Lanka tour. When talking about Sri Lanka beaches and holidays, fort Hammenhiel is a new attraction. Reconstructed by both Lanka and Ducth government joint venture, this is now home to some cafes and restaurants. When organizing a beach tours to Sri Lanka you can choose this as the last stop in Northern coast because it has some cafes and resturants.

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