Spring is the perfect time of the year to clean out, whether it is cleaning out the clutter in your home with spring cleaning or cleaning out the toxins in your body with a spring cleanse. Spring is a time of growth and renewal as we transition from the darker days of winter to the brighter days of spring.

As you move into this time of year for growth and renewal, I encourage you to think about your own life and decide where there might be an opportunity for you to cleanse and re-energize. Clutter can come in many forms from piles of papers on your desk, to relationships that drain your energy.

Could one of these areas of your life use a spring cleanse?


Relationships: Are there people in your life that are draining your energy or have a negative influence on you? Do you feel guilty or obligated to spend time with someone that you would rather not spend a lot of time with? We want to surround ourselves with people that lift us up versus knocks us down. Remember it is not always the quantity, but the quality of the time you spend with others that makes the difference. Choose to spend your time with those that lift you up.

Home: Can your home use a little de-cluttering? Do you have drawers that are stuffed or clothes you haven’t worn in years? When we have clutter throughout our home it affects our energy level and our lives. Decide this spring to clear some clutter and you will be amazed at how energized you will feel. A few ways to get started clearing out the clutter are:

Clean out a shelf in your closet.

Go through your clothes and donate any clothing that you haven’t worn in a year.

Recycle any old magazines or newspapers that might be piled in a corner.

Walk through your house and get rid of anything that has a negative association for you. Don’t keep things out of obligation or guilt; instead keep them because you love them.

Throw away old makeup or medicine that might be cluttering your bathroom.

Get rid of broken jewelry or jewelry you never wear.

Body: Have you been hard on your body filling it with processed junk food? Have you ever given your body a break and tried doing a cleanse? Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday through our environment and the foods we eat, so why not give it a little break and let it re-energize with a spring cleanse. Cleansing our bodies can often provide us with:

More Energy
Better Focus
Improved Immune System
Reduced Cravings
Better Digestion

Mind: De-cluttering our mind can be one of the most difficult places to cleanse. With our never ending to do list and access to technology 24/7, we rarely have a moment of silence. A few ways you can start to de-clutter your mind is to:

Try Meditation
Write in a journal
Breathe Deeply Throughout the Day

Let the natural rhythm of spring renew you and choose an area of your life and do a little spring cleansing!

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Saba, Holistic Health Coach, helps others see their inner strength through a new light. She offers valuable insight & lifestyle tips in her free monthly ezine, Wellness Tips with Carrie, as well as on her blog. Carrie believes our spirit is fed on how we think, what we experience, and eat. She empowers her clients and believes everyone should know their brilliance and enjoy life! Learn more about Carrie by visiting her website.