It finally feels like spring, this year more than any other, I’m looking forward to warmer days, later sunsets, and the overall feeling that anything is possible. It’s the promise that spring brings, and I’m very thankful for it.

We’re slowly coming out of “Shelter in Place,” personally I thought with all of this downtime, I’d get more done, but business didn’t slow down as much as I thought, as enterprising small business owners innovated their way through this challenge. I’m in awe of their creativity!

So let’s face forward, and start to refocus on spring, and our businesses once again blooming, and spring-clean our social media plan.

Here are our top 5 tips to get more social on social media:

1. Take a look at your profile across your different social media channels, are they consistent? Are the photos still relevant, when was the last time you changed any of it? Maybe now is a perfect time! Remember, each social media has its own tone, so while your message is the same, its delivery should be different. Keep the audience in mind with everything from your tagline to photo.

2. How often are you posting ORIGINAL content? Re-posting the work of others is fine (with appropriate credit), but what about your content? Are you repurposing blogs? There is so much you can do with the content you already have! If you’re not sure, have one of your team members review your content and pull phrases out of your existing work. Remember, posts from your blogs should link back to your blog, and then further to a sign up for a newsletter with a blog roll and companion/expanded material. It all ties together; it just takes a little strategy.

3. Are you blogging? Yes, you need to blog. I promise it’s worth it. Blogs don’t have to be lengthy, if you need help, enlist the help of a ghostwriter. One blog can create amazing supplementary content and is a way to interact with your audience on a deeper level. Your blog should be focused on a topic that gives enough information to be relevant but leaves the door open for further conversations.

4. How often are you posting SPONTANEOUS content? Yes, we mean actually logging in and posting a non-scheduled message. Set a reminder in your calendar for a couple of days a week to just post for posting sake. Here’s tip, think about your ideal client, create an avatar if you find it helpful – what can you post today that will resonate with your ideal client? If you’re looking for inspiration just read the headlines, what would your avatar find helpful today? Speak directly to them, reassure them, or inform them.

5. Are you replying to comments? If someone mentions you, what is your response? Are you commenting on the work of others? If not, make it a point to do so!

Your social media manager can help you create a strategy that pulls together a perfect blend of spontaneous, curated, and original content in a way that’s both visually appealing and relevant to the channel.

By Peggy Murrah, Founder of PMA Web Services

Author's Bio: 

Peggy Murrah is a unique combination of web and marketing savvy, along with dependability and resourcefulness. These qualities have been instrumental in her building a successful business that serves clientele across five continents. PMA Web Services provides marketing direction and strategies for entrepreneurs through mentoring, social media marketing, list building and management, and development/maintenance of their online presence