Do you know that a minimum of one out of three-person purchases sprays tan products each week? This astounding finding from the Sienna X survey establishes that how crazy people are for the spray tan, and how the product is extremely popular among people across gender, age, and status.

A few more interesting Sienna X findings reveal that out of the total men asked about the usage of the spray tan, 70% replied that they use a spray tan. Similarly, out of the total women and men of all ages, 77% say that they felt slimmer, and 86% felt more confident.

Eventually, a professional spray tan machine not only glows your skin and gives you a marvelous look, but it also helps you grow your personality by enhancing your self-confidence and outlook. However, you must never forget two basic aspects before using spray tan to get the most out of it. The first is to keep yourself safe out of the probable damages it may cause you, and the second is to follow specific processes or measures for the maximum benefits of spray tan.

Here are a few tips for you to safely use the spray tan and get as much benefit as you can:

1. Select a safe place for tanning: The spray tan always has two daunting outcomes. If you are taking a spray tanning in the salon, then there is no problem. But if you are taking it at home then take care of two things.

It smells bad no doubt and it is often daunting experience after a spray tan if you have not used it in a safe and secluded place. But the smell comes secondary. More important is the DHA chemical solution used in your spray tan to replace the natural UVA and UVB. Along with the bad smell all over in your house, the DHA chemical ingredient may turn potentially unhealthy and unpleasant for you in your house.

The best place to use your spray tan is in your bathroom and particularly your tub/shower.

2. Choose the appropriate tan solution: Your best professional spray tan machine will have no meaning if you do not have an appropriate spray tan solution. Therefore, you need to take extra care while purchasing your spray tan solution and carefully read the instruction before you choose one. Spray tan solutions are sold with a varied quantity of DHA ingredients separately for pale skin and dark skin.

If you have pale skin then you should rather try 8 to 10% of DHA solution which suits your skin. You must never use 12 to 14% DHA ingredient unless you have dark skin. This is the most important tip for you to follow to protect your skin from getting damaged.

3. Begin with a slow developing tan solution: If you have pale skin and you are desperately seeking for spray tanning, obviously your worries would be a very fast recovery. Eventually, you will look for the spray tan solution which will give you the intended result within an hour. There are varieties of tan solutions available in the market which gives results at once within an hour, and there are which take longer time as long as 8 hours.

If you are a first time user, begin with slow developing tan solutions. This tip is applicable for the habituated or experienced users too. Usually, slow developing solutions last long and have less or no risks.

4. Exfoliate your skin before tanning: Allow your tan solution to sink easily for at least two to three hours to give your skin a natural tan look. This is only possible if you thoroughly exfoliate and moisturize your skin. This is applicable and important for all types of skin before you use your spray tan.

Take a shower and exfoliate your whole body. But take care that you do not apply moisturizer close enough to the tan solution which will prevent the tan solution to sink well into your skin. You must give a minimum of three hours to let the solution get into the skin.

5. Ideal spray tan step by step instructions: Take the help of some YouTube step by step instructions before you carry out the actual spray tan. Make sure that you have dried your skin after you exfoliated. You can do it by taking a dry towel.

Your tan solution is about staining your skin. Eventually, it can even stain your cloth. Therefore take care of your cloth. You can wear something which you do not care if stained. Most people prefer using the spray tan naked.

Never forget to put on your shower cap, hand gloves, and socks. Protect your eyes and take care not to inhale the solution.

Now, hold your spray tan machine somewhat twelve inches away from you and spray the solution on your skin and rub. Take out the gloves and spray on your hands but do not rub.

Once you have completed tanning of your whole body allow your skin for air dry. Then you can wear a loose cloth not to hamper the tanning. Keep the tan sink whole night. Take a shower in the morning. You can moisturize lightly which will help the tan last longer.

Everybody craves for glowing skin. All of us take pride in our good looking personality and put our entire efforts to get ourselves impressive and attractive. The spray tan is a blessing for pale and dark skin women and men to get glowing skin quickly and easily without side effects or risks.

On top of everything about spray tan, your spray tan machine is cost effective. The amount of benefit it provides you within a desired short period can never be compared with the money that you spend for the purpose. Ultimately, either at home or salon, the expenditure of your spray tanning, along with the costs of your spray tan products is worth paying.

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