Sydney is one location enjoys the most amazing photo booth resurgence in the last ten years. Despite the modernistic and spec-laden smartphones and tablets, its inhabitants think of photo booths as an interesting and interactive addition to their celebratory event.

Those witnessing this phenomenon, it gives them the feeling of rolling back the years when present day’s technological advancements were just in its infancy. Treating this as an exciting trend most people want to have them in their party too.

But hold on; not every photo booth hire in Sydney delivers an amazing experience. WARNING: there are many amateur operating in this photo booth field that boasts big but doesn’t even begin to live up to their words.

Photo Booth Hire

Statuary Warning- Possible Disasters People Face Regularly!

  • Reaching the event late and departing too early for everyone’s liking
  • Substandard printing quality, GIFs and video shoots
  • Ill-looking or tired looking photo booths contradicting the theme of the event
  • Unable to preserve digital copies because of some operational issue
  • DIY or too flimsy booths which are no fun to indulge in
  • Not using a surge protector which can potentially destroy the booth set-up
  • Cancelling appointments on finding a better deal somewhere
  • Not turning up because the location didn’t seem adequate for them
  • Last minute cancelling due to lack of staff or inadequate resources
  • Hidden expenses (something which was not mentioned when setting up the deal)
  • Lacking the experience to fix sudden technical issues and eventually backing out from their services.

It is due to these reasons why one is obliged to do a proper background check on the photo booth hire agency in Sydney to know its reputation and professionalism.

Inspection Signs To Avoid Such Pathetic Disasters

  • Always inspect their PAST and PRESENT customer service review. Plus also check the quality of their photo booths. This applies to its construction, software and also hardware related issues.
  • If one finds messy layouts, cheap looking graphics, and preposterous grammar construction in their website, simply exit and never return.
  • If the company makes audacious claims (the best photo booth operator in the region... or something like that) but has no substantial pictures or samples to substantiate it.
  • If one finds that their Facebook page prevents visitors from commenting. And also on calling them up and one discovers that they are only interested in getting booked it rather than answering queries professionally.
  • Their site testimonial section is great, but on looking up somewhere else, all one gets are horrendous comments and feedbacks.
  • The business name is not present in the ABN register (all legitimate companies have to be registered and include in this register).

These are some of the possible assessment signs which will help in avoiding photo booth disasters. Use them smartly and never ignore the value of thorough research. It is the only way one will get the right photo booth operator for their event and make the most of their celebration event.

So, keep them in mind when searching. Things will get a lot easier!

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