We start with the option you're probably looking for most, to get Spotify Premium on your Android for free and without having to do anything weird.

1. Enable the option to install applications from unknown sources on your Android. You may have already done this, or you may have done it before if you ever wanted to install an application that wasn't in Google Play. To be sure, you have to go to Settings > Security > Unknown origins. This option has to be activated.

2. Download the APK from here, which is only a Beta version and modified from December 2016, but it works perfectly and we will find all the same songs, news, lists, etc.

3. Sign in with your Spotify account (if you don't already have one, create one) and start enjoying Spotify Free music on your Android.

Spotify Premium 100%. No ads. There are no random modes. The only "catch" is that we couldn't use the offline mode, that is, we couldn't download the songs to listen to them without the Internet.

Anyway, if you want to download songs to your Android, at the end of this article you will find a link where we tell you how to do it.

Advertising-free Spotify - Web

It's very simple. Just log in to the web version of Spotify and not your application. There is a full version that allows its users to enjoy the music of their preference, using their account and, at the same time, avoid the advertising that usually alternates between each song.

This way you can listen to Spotify without advertising and without having to resort to any complicated tricks.

Free Spotify for Android - Web

Most web browsers do not include the ability to play Flash content as standard, and unfortunately this is just what we need to be able to use Spotify without advertising on Android. The web version of Spotify works with this little known technology.

Knowing this, it is clear that to listen to Spotify music without advertising in the case of the pc you need to download Adobe Flash Player for the corresponding operating system and the browser will recognize it.

On mobile devices equipped with the Android operating system, the solution is to download a full-featured browser that enables Flash playback. In this case we recommend browsers such as Puffin or FlashFox, a browser based on Mozilla's Firefox but with native Flash support.

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Once installed, you can log into the web version of the Spotify site and enjoy the music without the ads.

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