It is definitely a challenge to get rid of bedbugs and fleas, especially if you are not sure which one you are dealing with. While there is a theory that bed bugs reside only in the bedrooms and fleas in all parts of the house, you cannot simply depend on this basis to find out the ones infesting your house. In either case, it is of utmost importance to have a flea control or bed bug control whichever is infesting your house.

How to differentiate between bedbugs and fleas?

The flea bites

These are tiny blood-sucking insects, a major population of which live on pets. These insects cannot fly but can jump as much as 18 centimeters. They bite the host as soon as they latch on them. The flea bites generally occur around the waist, ankles, armpits and other skin folds.

A typical flea experience can be felt right after they bite. The flea bites are comparable with a mosquito bite. One may consider flea bites as harmless and only causing some discomfort or a rash. But the bites are dangerously harmful during epidemics as they are parasites and carriers of various diseases.

Some common symptoms include small red marks on the skin and itching

The bed bug bites

Similar to the fleas, the bed bugs also survive on blood. The bed bugs hide during the day. So, it is difficult to find them. They usually bite people when they are asleep as they are attracted to the body heat. Their hideout locations include the mattresses, bed frames, carpets and box springs. The bed bugs usually bite on the face, hands, arms, and neck.

Inspect your body carefully. The bed bug bites usually have their center raised and red in color.

How do they look?

Bed Bugs

The bed bugs are reddish-brown, flat and oval. They measure around 5 mm in length and appear much similar to ticks. Similar to them, they become darker and bigger in color after feeding.


Fleas are dark coloured and have flattened bodies and long legs which are suitable for them to jump around. They are wingless parasites and are often between 2 to 3 mm in length.

How to spot bed bugs?

The bed bugs although hard to notice leave their skin shed and make it easier for recognizing them by the dark spots on the bedding. The most dangerous thing about bed bugs is that they can lay up to 500 eggs every couple of months. So, if you suspect even a single bed bug, it is really important that you call a bed bug control service as soon as possible. There are special bed bug treatments available in stores but read the labels carefully before spraying them on the affected areas especially the bedding areas.

How to spot fleas?

It is fairly difficult to spot fleas owing to their pesky parasitic nature and the hiding place: the body of the host. In case you find any physical evidence of fleas on the body of your pet, take it to a vet immediately and get an anti-flea treatment done. On the other hand, if you do not have any pets in your home but still find a flea infestation seek out some professional help.

Just like the bed bugs, a flea problem can escalate quickly. Fleas are also known to survive without a host for months. Put the infestation behind you by either getting in touch with a professional service or finding alternate solutions for yourself.

Setting a trap

This trap works only for fleas and not for bed bugs. Add a few drops of dish soap on a wide but shallow glass bowl. Place it near a lampshade overnight. The soapy bowl attracts fleas. If you have fleas, you are sure to find some in the bowl the next morning.

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