Coaches from around the country and maybe from the world, sometimes remind athletes to “get their head into the game,” during an athletic contest.

This well known sport cliché is a way to remind athletes to tune out distractions and stay focused on what is happening on the playing field or on the court. Players on the bench are often encouraged to observe stay involved in the game by listening to this same remark.

Being well aware of what is happening and why it is happening during an athletic contest is very sound advice. It is a good way to gain an understanding of any sport.

Interestingly, when we talk about an athlete’s head, it is important to note that many sports require that a player’s head remain still and calm when they compete. And in fact,
having a still head can help you to “get your head into the game” efficiently.

The head is the heaviest part of the human body. If it is moving around a lot it can damage your balance, your focus and your performance.

A still and quiet head is important when swinging a baseball bat. Watch some of the great hitters in slow motion and you will see what I mean.

A motionless head is also vital when you hit a golf ball.

The same holds true for hockey players who are about to shoot or pass the puck.

Roger Federer, the tennis superstar, has a very still head when he strikes the ball. In my view, he does this better than any tennis player in history.

Bowlers need to keep their heads still and their eyes focus when they release the bowling ball.

Competitive shooters benefit from having a quiet and calm head.

Figure skaters are trained to keep their head in a still and quiet manner when they skate their routines. The same is true for gymnasts and divers.

Reminding an athlete to keep his head still can sometimes help to improve focus, concentration, performance and balance.

So, if your child is a competitive athlete or if you are weekend warrior, try to get your head in the game by keeping it still, quiet and focused.

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Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is The Founder of Dr. Granat is available for individual coaching and for seminars. He has developed many programs for elite athletes and for weekend warriors. He can be reached at or at 888 580-ZONE.