"Our feet play a vital role in everything we do, especially when it comes to sports, such as footy, tennis and basketball. Healthy feet help us to play at our best and to produce the best performance possible. That is why foot care provided by a professional podiatrist can help to lift the level of your game. An experienced podiatrist can help you with acute or chronic injuries to your feet and recommend the most appropriate footwear for your particular sport and training. This enables you to perform at your best.

Some of the most common sporting injuries include achilles tendonosis, knee cap pain, shin splints, arch pain, plantar fasciitis and more. Sports Podiatry covers two primary areas which are 1) foot and lower limb overuse injuries, and 2) mechanical performance enhancement to minimize injury and to maximize efficiency. An experienced podiatrist will help you with both areas, thus you will spend less time on the bench and more time on the field or court. Utilizing video gait analysis and biomechanical testing, a podiatrist will determine whether your leg alignment and stability are correct. A professional podiatrist utilizes the latest technology and treatments available to relieve the sportsperson from pain.

Sports Podiatry does wonders for the sportsperson who participates in soccer, tennis, golf, running and many other sports. A podiatrist not only helps when injuries occur, but also analyzes the cause of the injuries. Thus it helps when you have a professional podiatrist on your side.
There are many podiatrists who provide professional Sports Podiatry services. Melbourne Podiatrist is one such foot clinic. Supported by university qualified and experienced health professionals, the foot clinic is an ideal facility which offers a broad range of preventive and restorative podiatric services including effective treatments for common conditions such as corns and heel pain.

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Melbourne Podiatrist is a foot clinic which provides the best Sports Podiatry and orthotics services.