Our physical wellness is essential as it contributes to our overall health. Hence the need for physical activities to strengthen and promote the wellbeing of our muscles, among other musculoskeletal organs. Sports activities are among some of the areas that enhance fitness and physical health.

Unfortunately, despite the benefits, it also has the negative part, which involves the injuries and accidents during those exercises, affecting your daily life. Kai Sports Medicine LLC provides specialized treatment for all damages and issues related to sports to promote better living and enhance health. Contact them today to learn more about their services.

Here are among some of the issues treatable at the practice.

Shoulder injury

Shoulder injuries are common with athletes, including swimmers, tennis, and baseball players. It occurs due to the repeated movement of the shoulder.

Usually, the shoulder consists of many joints, bones, muscles, and tendons. Its makeup allows the shoulder to move a lot and also puts it at risk of injuries. Some of the most common symptoms with shoulder injury include:

  •       Pain
  •       Stiffness
  •       Restricted arm movement
  •       Arm weakness
  •       Shoulder joint instability

Dr. Perlman, a sports and internal medicine specialist, provides personalized treatments to address all your concerns.

Back pain

Back pain is among the most common types of pain experienced by many individuals in the world. It arises from various factors, including injuries and medical conditions. Back pain affects some movements such as walking and standing, lowering your life quality. Other symptoms associated with back pain include:

  •       Tingling in the legs
  •       Inflammation
  •       Numbness

Dr. Perlman offers a thorough diagnosis and accurate treatments, including:

  •       Joint injections
  •       Physical therapy
  •       Minimally invasive orthopedic procedures
  •       Pain relievers

Knee injury

Knee injury is regular with the majority of individuals. The knee is the most common injured part of the body. It causes pain interfering with daily performance and life quality. Some of the factors that lead to knee injury include:

  •       Fractures
  •       Arthritis
  •       Knee bursitis
  •       Torn meniscus

Knee injury involves symptoms such as:

  •       Swelling
  •       Inability to fully straighten the leg
  •       Redness
  •       Stiffness
  •       Instability
  •       Pain when moving
  •       Crunching noises

Dr. Perlman offers knee injury treatments such as:

  •       Injections
  •       Physical therapy
  •       Pain relievers
  •       Regenerative therapy
  •       Lifestyle changes

Hip pain

Hip pain is usually a sign that something is wrong in some part of your body. The symptoms help determine the cause of your pain. Hip pain may occur due to:

  •       Tendonitis
  •       Soft-muscle strain
  •       Hip labral tear

Treatments options for hip pain include:

  •       Physical therapy
  •       Sports medicine
  •       Pain management techniques
  •       Regenerative medicine

Nerve pain

Sensory nerves produce nerve pain, causing a sudden feeling like an electric shock. It can also appear continuous, giving a tingling sensation. Other symptoms you are likely to experience include:

  •       A burning sensation
  •       Limb weakness
  •       Increased sensitivity

Nerve pain can happen due to various causes, including diabetes, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases. Lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and medications can help treat nerve pain.

Talk to a sports medicine specialist today

The most common sports injuries are knee and shoulder injuries. They cause pain, among other uncomfortable symptoms disrupting your daily life. Getting professional care from a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Perlman, can help relieve symptoms and promote your living. Contact their office today to schedule your appointment.




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