So, you’re interested in betting on sports?

Join the party. Today, the sports betting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world offering huge opportunities for sports enthusiasts.

Following New Jersey's Supreme Court victory back in May 2018, any state that wishes to allow sports betting may legalize it and ultimately benefit from the revenue generated as a result of state taxes on sports betting. For example, from June 2018 to September 2019 the state of New Jersey generated $36.12 million dollars in state tax revenue from sports betting alone.

There are now 18 states in total that have legalized sports wagering.

According to the American Gaming Association, $13 billion was legally wagered (key word there is “legally”) by bettors during the first full calendar year since the Supreme Court invalidated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protections Act of 1992. That number was up from $6.6 billion in 2018.

In late November 2019, investment firm Morgan Stanely predicted that the U.S. market will generate nearly $8 billion in annual revenue by 2025, and could reach as high as $15 billion if every state has sports gambling legalized by then.

So if the market is expanding and states are legalizing year-after-year, why is it that sports betting has remained both taboo and misunderstood by many to this day?

The answer lies in the culture that was created long ago by people who choose to view and treat sports betting as a compulsive hobby, and not as an investment opportunity.

One man has made it his mission to change the stigma around sports betting, and to help as many people as possible realize the value and opportunity that lies within this lucrative industry.

His name is Peter John Anadio.

Peter is the Founder & President of Sports Bet Expert, a worldwide leader in sports consulting and industry best practices. He and his team at SBE, are leading the way in sports betting industry education and best practices, while consistently providing winning sports picks for their clients year-round.

It’s not enough for Peter to simply provide winning sports picks to his network of over 25,000 clients in 190+ countries worldwide. He wants to change the face of the industry forever, while helping anyone who is willing to learn, become educated and equipped with tools to be successful in the industry on their own.

“We wanted to create a system and approach that makes it possible for clients to stray away from bad sports betting habits, and learn that patience is a key component to becoming a successful sports bettor no matter where you are located or how big of a bettor you are,” said Anadio.

With more than 10 years of sports consulting experience, the SBE team spends time studying countless amounts of analytics and variables to make sure their clients’ money is on the correct pick. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Their system is easy and efficient, with tools to manage your money, keep track of your picks, and most importantly join the elusive 3% of profitable sports bettors annually. If that isn’t enough, SBE has 10 active Instagram accounts each dedicated to specific sports and getting sports enthusiasts up to speed with the latest news and updates.

“Our goal is simple – to help our clients profit long term and earn them more money than what they started with,” said Anadio. “Sports betting is a tough game for anyone to profit at. By being a patient and responsible bettor you can win betting on sports, and you can win big. We put you in a position to do just that by following the proper betting techniques! A motto we have is the three P’s. Patience provides profitability.” 

Smart investors always have insight on the products they are backing, so having a pulse on the latest news regarding a sport will be to your advantage. However, it’s important to also understand that the news you hear is already being factored into the line you are wagering on almost immediately. An individual's ability to predict the market reaction as opposed to the news itself, is a critical component for those looking to play the sports betting market, not just participate.

“Here at SBE we truly care about each and everyone of our clients. Providing them with the best advice and information is paramount to us. Unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard you should always treat sports betting as an investment, but dont forget to have fun,” said Anadio.

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