Pain and Gain is a very common quote used in the field of sports, which means simply that you have to go through certain amount of pain to achieve better and gain great accolades in your respective sport. Sportsperson go through vigorous training and long hours of activity in field or the area where they perform that particular sport and while they train or perform that sport, most of them experience some sort of physical injury or pain which halt their progress and affect their performance. Here we are going to share overview of what leads to sports related injuries, their kind and most importantly their treatment via physiotherapy as it’s the only way of treatment which can assure the best pain free treatment and rehabilitation for the long run.

Physiotherapy provides treatment to vast variety of physical conditions because of its multi-dimensional range in this field. The prime focus of physiotherapy is to focus on restoring the person’s health to previous best state and help in rehabilitation of the circulatory and muscle skeleton system of body.

Degree and severity of Injuries related to sports vary from the type of sport you participate in but it’s also a fact that participation in a sports activity increases the probability of you suffering from injury, also there exists certain injuries which are more common in a particular sport.

Here is a list of few sports and their related injuries along with common cause which are widely common in the persons participating in the respective sport.


  • Strain on muscles due to repetitive twisting of limbs.
  • Falling on hard surface or collision causing Fracture.
  • Knee damage
  • Ankle injuries
  • Football boot-stud related injuries.
  • Bruises and Cuts due to various reasons.


  • Twisted ankles and knee damage
  • Back related injuries due to repetitive and awkward movement of back muscle.
  • Injury to head or part of body due to the fast bowling or while fielding.

TENNIS and other racquet sports

  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Frozen shoulder due to excessive overhead movement
  • Tennis elbow
  • Fracture due to falling on hard surface
  • Muscle strains


  • Damage to ligaments and muscle tear
  • Strain in legs and lower back
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Jumping sports causing stress injuries


  • Repetitive use of similar action with the wrong technique.
  • Performing while having a existing physical injury.
  • Over training
  • Not preparing enough before performing a certain sport activity
  • Impact and contact in sports like boxing, racing, karate.


  • Immediately following the PRICE guidelines- Prevention.Rest.Ice.Compression.Elevation.
  • Cold pack treatment
  • Compression and immobilization.
  • Electrotherapy
  • Manipulative Physiotherapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Dry needling

So now you have quite some knowledge over the type of injuries related to sports along with their causes and the treatment which can help you in recovering from a particular injury. As much as safe you will play there will always exist probability of getting injured in some manner even if precautions are taken because you play to win and we all know that NO PAIN NO GAIN but to treat pain there is physiotherapy, so whenever any physical injury occurs consult your physiotherapist to get the injury treated in the best manner to continue playing and performing at your best.

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