Little did I know when I first wrote an article on forgiveness based on my own experience, that I had just opened the door to a new dimension of my Self. On the other hand from the immense email response I got, for others I had opened the Pandora's box. Some would say, “I forgave but I can’t forget," or “I’m a spiritual person and a good Christian. I forgave but the pain is still there.” Changing one's belief is a hard thing to do, never mind letting it go!
So what is Spirituality?
When we change our perceptions we actually change our lives and that leads to opening other paths and so on. We often forget that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and not the other way around. So spirituality is nothing more and nothing less than being responsible for your actions and thoughts.
Yes but who controls this ‘spiritual thing’? Am I the only moron trying to find this higher power?
If you haven’t done it yet, sooner or later you will start asking some or all of these troublesome questions: What in the heck am I doing here? Where will this ‘me' go when I die? What is the purpose of my life? And of course you may have surfed the Net and found a web of paths available. From the spiritual leaders, organizations and a plethora of books, each one ventures and gives advice on the complex subject. And our brain loves complex things so it can make sense and justify to us why life is ‘so difficult.’
The complex part is that our bloody Ego connects ourselves to the ‘Self,' and this bond is based not on a spiritual value but on our human experiences, therefore creating our perceptions. And these damn perceptions are hard to let go! It is like a dog chasing its own tail in circles, you go barking at anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

The truth is much simpler. You can have the answer to all of your questions if you know how to listen to your Self. To tap into our spiritual being, cosmic knowledge, or inner self, one must bare his/her soul. Strip it of all experiences of the social process by which we identify ourselves, and reflects us as an inadequate version of who we really are. It really doesn’t matter that you are afraid, feel insecure, pitiable, and your self-esteem is a little lower than the ground you walk.
When you look inside yourself you’ll find the answers to these self-imposed limitations. But, and a there's a big BUT here, there is a catch! To let it all go you must learn to control your mind.
Your mind and your ego will protect you according to how you relate to the world. If you perceive the world as beautiful and kind, your mind will respond like-wise. If you recognize your surroundings as aggressive or hostile you will be agitated, watchful, and ready to fight or flee. This is not a good state of mind. Your mind is feeding more drama and wars into your life than a bad 1950’s Hollywood film as you try to control the incidents and people around you.
And as for your identity when you say “I am a good man, a father of two lovely kids, and I go to church every Sunday,” or “I am great program analyst or a recovered alcoholic.” Does this label define your life? Is that all that you are? That is it? What is your essence or purpose here? What makes you tick? Have you ever dreamed of being naked on a street, office, or wherever, and seeing someone you know? Well here you have my cheap analysis: Your subconscious is telling you that you stripped yourself of your ‘protective shield’ and you are now a walking vulnerable target. That is how your mind and your ego see you. If you strip yourself of all possessions and labels like ‘good man’, ‘father’, ‘churchgoer’, ‘alcoholic’ ‘rich man/woman’ and so on, what is left? You, and your Self.

I started researching and writing about spirituality because my mind had been controlling me and not the other way around for quite a while. Deep inside I knew that what I was experiencing and seeing was not who I really was. I had done meditation in my youth and forgot about it. When I reconnected with focusing my mind and submerging into stillness I knew I was back on the right path. I still don’t have the skills to submerge my mind into stillness for the periods of time that I want, but it is slowly coming. I use daily the same exercises available in my book and on my blog Dream Your Life Positively, which is free.
Start by learning how to focus your mind in short intervals of stillness using meditation exercises that you are comfortable with. All the answers will come to you with much more ease and you will gain more peace and serenity. Most of all, be positive and use plenty of positive affirmations.
You can have a joyful and purposeful life. I use this old advice as a daily motivation: “A fulfilling existence can be reached by pursuing your happiness and engaging in a daily practice of focusing your mind, aligning with your true Self, and living from awareness.” That in itself is a wonderful gift and that is your birthright.
When in doubt, just remember that you are that invisible molecule that creates and moves this universe and life itself.
You are a Spirit. And a very powerful one at that.
As you master the use of ‘focused thought’ this powerful instrument you have always had in your possession, you will create the life you have always desired.
Have a great journey.
Ton Pascal

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Ton Pascal is a self-thought self-help advocate and author.
Your thoughts and dreams will provide for you a rich, meaningful and abundant life; this is the Law of Attraction at work. It will enable you to create the map of your life’s journey. It is not just being alive that makes life worth living, but the depth and sense you bring to your life. Check his site or the book Dream Your Life on