The debate about whether or not it's possible to wipe out karmic debts rages on. The Oxford Dictionary defines redemption as "...the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil...or clearing a debt."

Everyone who has a conscience feels guilt for wrongdoing. Sometimes the wrongdoing can be avoided, sometimes not. The question is, can you be redeemed in this life so you don't have to face the consequences in a future life.

Our findings show, it depends.

A covert operator has killed dozens of targets, all sanctioned by her government, and all bad people who intended harm to her fellow citizens. Like many in her position, sometimes she feels guilt and she considers if she'll be forced to pay a karmic price for the killings.

The operator mentioned above might be innocent of wrongdoing since she's just doing her job. If she saves countless lives in the process, then she can be confident she's probably not incurring negative karma.

However, she may be directed by a rogue bureaucrat to assassinate a subject that doesn't pose a threat to her country, a completely unnecessary hit that will merely enable the corrupt bureaucrat to amass more power in his organization. She knows truth of the matter, hesitates, and yet goes through with it anyway because she would rather avoid immediate blowback, including being demoted or even fired.

The target was innocent, and left behind many loved ones, including a spouse and young children. After the hit, the operator, who normally only suffers the same amount of work related emotional trauma as anyone else in her position,
felt and still feels consumed by guilt. Has she set herself up for a future date with destiny to endure the same circumstances she inflicted on the target and his family?

It would help the operator to view this situation from the perspective of guides of the Light on the other side. According to many documented near death experiences, no matter how someone dies, it's usually their time to leave.

In 1984, Hanoi Rocks drummer, Razzle, was killed in a drunk driving accident caused by famous rock star Vince Neil of Motley Crue. Neil was charged with vehicular manslaughter, yet escaped unharmed.

In a spiritual sense, this was simply following the predestined plan both of them established before incarnating.

It may sound cruel and unjust, but it was his time to go. Remember, this is a spiritual vantage point, the big picture, well beyond mundane understanding.

A hidden, also pre-life planned benefit is that the famous rock star potentially saved many lives by speaking to young people about drinking and driving in his post-accident community service work, along with the indirect, positive impact on those considering drinking and driving from the media circus surrounding the tragedy.

The degree of negative karma incurred by the operator and the famous rock star depends on more than one factor, including their respective karmic blueprints, along with associated guilt.

Self-forgiveness can go a long way to assuage future already-set-up circumstances. It may be that the operator and rocker now have zero karma related to their individual plights, but their associated lack of self-forgiveness forms a separate, future negative circumstance, albeit one that doesn't involve death and tragedy.

Related to the cases above, our findings show that you can make up for a lot of negative karma by doing good deeds. It's possible, but not always a sure thing, that if you save the life of one person, directly or indirectly, you may balance out your negative karma and become redeemed. Even though karma and predestination are complicated topics and many factors must be considered, redemption is viable.

We've witnessed cases in our past life empirical research where so-called atrocious acts were committed, either intentionally or unintentionally, yet no karma was incurred. In such a case, it's because it was payback time and the closing act of a multiple life play, or there was a sort of karmic exemption that all related souls set up before incarnating.

At least partial redemption is feasible, no matter the iniquity. Practice self-forgiveness, balance negative acts with positive ones, and always do the right thing, adding rewarding karma to your spiritual balance sheet.

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