Christmas is one breath away… Unbelievable how quickly time goes by and before we even realize that the year we live in is ending we must prepare ourselves to leave the old year behind and get into the Christmas Spirit to welcome the new one!

A new year that is coming to make us stronger, wiser, and hopefully happier and more content with ourselves and our lives.

These days deserve to save some time from our busy schedule and our businesses success mindset towards achieving and improving our performance and relax. Sleep, rest, spend some time with family and friends, resolve any unresolved issue of the ending year, spread love, positive thinking, hope and joy.

It is not accidental that The Christmas spirit is so “sweet” and it somehow smooths your mood and lightens your heart. It is difficult to leave the past behind, no matter how good or bad that was, and move on to a new era, unknown. It helps very much as it is always hard to let go.

It’s the human nature responding to Change!! Always hard but so necessary.

I received a beautiful Christmas spirit poem from one of my Personal Development Training subscriptions and it really does make a point. Be my guest and read on and feel these beautiful and so true words on this poem by Jacqui Browne. I could not help myself not sharing it here on my blog with all of you.

Enjoy and have a Great Holidays Christmas – New Year’s Season!


Joanna Vaiou

Reminding YOU of Your Magnificence

Christmas lights

Came in my Dreaming, Myriad of colours and brightly gleaming Frosted, translucent

Still ones and blinking,

Invoked such child-like reverence

And wide eyed appreciation

Till it all got me thinking….

What is all the adult fuss about ?

Aching feet, foggy heads

And credit cards all maxed-out

Is this all just unadulterated madness

And should we just stop the nonsense ?

and knowingly fill ourselves with gladness.

When did I last stand still for a minute

squarely, thoughtfully in front of a

loved one ?

this posturing of Love Peace and Joy- is there really anything in it?

Both sets of eyes fully engaged on each other

Heart to heart

Breath to breath

Is this really my brother,

friend, sister, father, mother?

When did I last fathom the miracle of their being?

When did I forget to keep on seeing

Their beauty and mine? …..

Christmas NOW, I must make and take the time

To remember the best,
the test of love

and caring

To honor the bonds of our dearest relations

Till it exponentially snowballs, affecting all the nations.

Call it what you will

-Ripples that spread far in the water,

-A butterfly fluttering

half a world away

-The hundredth monkey or

- My small, still voice uttering

Critical mass consciousness starts with one heart giving love away

As it acknowledges one other heart

until Time Space Energy are all set free

just from the pleasure of recognizing you and me

Then common hardcore misconceptions

Give way to Life’s most precious, truest lessons

Your choice, my choice

Grab it

Make it

Savour it

Flavor it – your life

With the spice of love.

The Christmas recipe

that stands all tests

and lasts

every day

It’s only love they say,

and yes it is


or not

Love is all there really is

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