The concept of betrayal from a spiritual viewpoint is controversial. Since the dawn of time, many forms of betrayal, particularly romantic betrayal, have caused much emotional anguish.

Everyone knows from experience that betrayal isn’t pleasant. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of deliberate disloyalty, including failing to honor business agreements, familial obligations, or a marriage contract. You have a legitimate complaint if you’re wronged in such a way.

How Betrayal is a Spiritual Lesson

However, there’s more to the story when you rise above the mundane circumstances and consider the theory of karma. Also, the dichotomous nature of this dimension assures life will always be a contrast in differences (war/peace, hate/love, pain/pleasure, etc.) and utopia only exists on the other side.

The spiritual law of karma states that everything you do or say (or think) comes back to you in equal measure, even if it takes lifetimes for the consequences (both challenging and rewarding) to return to you.

Karma is like an invisible companion linked to your soul that remains until it is balanced. In most cases, the only way you can shed it is to experience it directly. Possible exceptions include your soul agreeing to work out some karma while on the other side by assisting those still incarnated, such as in a guardian angel role.

Almost every time this topic comes up, we’re asked, “Does this mean I was a bad person in a past life?” Simply stated, probably, and you’re not alone; everyone has been horrible in past lives at some point, some much more often than others. It’s the core reason most souls are still here instead of basking in bliss alongside the ascended masters on the other side.

Even the most seemingly saintly individuals today have been nasty pieces of work at some point in the past. “But, she is so nice! I can’t imagine her being an evil witch in a past life!” Well, that’s exactly what she was as a black magic priestess in Atlantis 100,000 years ago. It’s the reason she fears all things religious and metaphysical today, because they remind her of her dark days.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has been an absolute demon in his or her past lives, but you’ve likely been what you resent today, relatively speaking. For example, a son may be annoyed at his father’s bad behavior, until he recalls a past life in ancient India where he was a ruthless merchant who treated his son terribly.

Note: Betrayal and other “bad” things that happen aren’t always about karmic retribution; sometimes the soul needs (or chooses) it as a learning experience for other reasons.

Basically, we believe planet Earth is a clearinghouse for troubled souls to balance the karma they’ve incurred over innumerable lifetimes. Although we conclude many (but certainly not most) on planet Earth at this time have balanced their heaviest karma already and have better things to look forward to in the future.

We’re merely stating our long-term empirical findings involving past life research, and karma as symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology. Seeing predetermination manifest time and time again, clearly represented in the astrology and numerology patterns, makes you reconsider conventional wisdom with respect to victimhood.

Next time somebody wrongs you, besides rightfully attempting to remedy the situation, it may accelerate your healing process if you ask yourself, “How is this perceived injustice a reflection of my past actions, or what am I meant to learn from this?”

Also, ask yourself if you could have avoided being the target of somebody’s bad behavior if you had simply avoided demanding another live up to your expectations. Expectations of another person’s behavior are the root of much suffering.

True, you have a right to call out a villain, but it’s wise to acknowledge that expecting reasonable behavior of others isn’t always reasonable considering the shocking nature of human behavior throughout history. Drop your expectations of others behaving as you want them to behave, accept that betrayal is unavoidable sometimes, and life becomes easier.

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