Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you’ll find an abundance of spiritual information online when you seek answers to your spiritual questions. Unfortunately, so much of it is spiritual advice you should ignore.

Throughout over 30 years of extensive metaphysical and spiritual exploration, we’ve never adhered to only one system, religion, or outlook. Instead, we use intuition, reason, common sense, and long-term observation to discover what works.

Below is some of the spiritual advice we’ve found that is best ignored since it’s unhelpful or even dangerous.

Vegan and vegetarian diets are the most spiritual. If this kind of diet works for you, great, but eating animals doesn’t incur negative karma. Also, every body is different, and some people cannot thrive on such a diet, especially over a long period.

Feng Shui will bring you everything you want. We’ve found that Feng Shui can be helpful if the focus is on directional Feng Shui and the structure of the home, not simply colors or lucky charms. Also, it won’t override your fate or enable you to create what isn’t already destined for you.

Your problems are the result of bad energy or a curse. Any psychic who makes this claim and says she can clear your aura for thousands of dollars probably doesn’t even know how to identify negative energy or clear it.

Demons (or dark energy) don’t exist unless you give them energy. We used to believe that, until we delved deeply into the topic, and learned the truth about spirit releasement, possession, and Spiritual Detox, and cleared our own energy fields of spiritual debris. Since then, we’ve learned to recognize the signs of possession and attachment and cleared many people and places.

Black magic is not bad, just another form of energy. Any form of black magic is tapping into dark energy and is usually about manipulation instead of wanting what’s best for everyone involved. Avoid it at all costs or you’ll be a slave to dark energy for a very long time. The saying “selling your soul” is exactly what happens when you exploit dark energy.

Use spells to create what you want. Be very careful with spells, especially old spells that can draw forth generations of fears and negative energy. Have only good intentions and never attempt to control someone or you’ll create negative karma for yourself.

Some psychics can bring a lover back. Anyone who says that is a charlatan and should be avoided. Even if they do have the ability to influence your lover, it will create negative karma for you and you can’t cheat fate if they’re not destined to return.

A soul has to wait a certain number of years before reincarnating. Every soul is different. Some may wait many years, and some jump back into a body as soon as possible, depending upon what they need and want to accomplish.

Each soul incarnates a certain number of times. There is no set number of incarnations. Some get it right in fewer incarnations but most choose to return over and over to work through their karma.

A soul only incarnates into a certain race, country, religion, or gender. Most souls choose to experience all of them.

You only live once. Your current personality may only live once, but your soul comes back again and again.

You are doomed if you don’t follow a particular religion or belief. You don’t need religion to do the right thing and treat others as you want to be treated.

Your Twin Soul is your perfect match who was created for you. Our findings completely invalidate this notion.

You only have one soul mate. Yet another romantic myth. You have many, and most are more for personal growth than romantic bliss.

You can manifest your soul mate. This is wishful thinking. If you are destined to meet a compatible soul mate, you can use your free will to reach that goal. If you are not destined to meet a good, lasting match at this time, you won’t.

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