There’s no shortage of spiritual information online. Seek answers, and you shall find helpful information. But you’ll also find plenty of spiritual advice you should ignore.

We started exploring metaphysical and spiritual subjects over thirty years ago. In our exhaustive searches and studies, we never followed only one religion, outlook, guru, or system. Instead, we like to try and test many options, then apply reason, intuition, and long-term observation to determine what works, and what doesn’t.

Below is a collection of the spiritual advice we’ve found isn’t helpful, or worse, even harmful.

Check your horoscope. Horoscopes and computer generated astrology reports are too general to be accurate.

Have your chart done. Unless the astrologer is very psychic and uses a basic chart as a touchstone for insight, one single chart, the basic natal modern astrology chart, is merely an introduction. Your comprehensive natal and timing patterns, comprised of hundreds of factors, tell the real story, mitigating or supporting any single notion found in the basic chart.

Numerology and astrology are only about possibilities, not predicting fate. We’ve found that ancient, comprehensive numerology and astrology can predict fate, if you go deep enough. The “only possibilities” mantra is based on trivialities and distortions of these ancient sciences.

You can change your destiny and nothing is set in stone. We’ve found that most significant events in your life, those you need to experience in order to learn, balance karma, or reap your rewards, are set up before your birth. Thus, many of your core life circumstances and events are set in stone.

Take drugs for a vision quest or spiritual trip. All drugs lower your resistance to and attract spiritual troublemakers and parasites. Use meditation, not drugs, to grow spiritually.

Past lives don’t matter. They don’t matter until you realize how much (a lot) the subconscious memories, emotions and karma from them are influencing your current life. You are a collection of your experiences from past lives, and your current life often mirrors your past lives.

You can erase your karma. It’s obvious to us, after 1000s of past life regressions, that everything you do and say will come back to you, even for people who don’t believe in past lives. Forgiveness and acceptance can ease karma, but you can’t overcome it without wading through your (karmic) experiences.

You need to be in a relationship to grow spiritually. Perhaps for certain lessons with certain people, but relationships can also keep you stuck. Learning to enjoy being alone at least some of the time can help you make strides in your spiritual and personal growth.

The Secret, a popular book published in 2006, can help you achieve any goal you want. Unfortunately, such New Age advice about the law of attraction leaves out very important parts of the puzzle: It’s only one law, and other spiritual laws, such as the laws of karma and fate, supersede the law of attraction. In other words, if it’s not your fate to be fabulously wealthy, famous, or a best-selling author, it’s not going to happen. The good news is that if it is your fate, you will be able to use your free will to make it happen. Even if it’s not, from a spiritual perspective, the experience of trying to reach a goal is more important than reaching it.

If you believe you can achieve. By all means, shoot for the stars. But it’s important to be realistic too. Otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out and not have enough energy to focus on meeting the goals that are part of your destiny.

What you desire is your “birthright.” Sometimes yes, other times no. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ve earned it through good karma.

A vow of poverty is pious and honorable. This implies that making money is a bad thing, which is false as long as you earn it honestly. If you want to be a martyr and add more struggle to your life, go ahead, but we don’t recommend it.

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