I was recently talking with a lady who was complaining that a man in the house she was staying in was demon possessed
and trying to kill her with his psychic attacks.
She related that over some months he was keeping her awake with his music and movement around the house and that her life had become hell.
Interestingly she was unable to recall ever having had a simple conversation with him where she had requested that he be considerate of her.
Her only response to that enquiry from me what that she must have told him and that her communications tended to be quiet and low key.
She had no trouble though in recalling exploding with curses towards him and being generally hostile in his presence.

I asked what she wanted from this individual and her answer was along the lines of wanting him to be appreciative ( of having been given a house to stay in )
She was somewhat willing to address how she hadn't appreciated him. Turned out she would lie in bed foregoing using the bathroom if he was near and wishing that he didn't exist.
Basically wishing he was dead.

When I asked her how what she was doing to him was any different than what she was accusing him of there was a very long pause down the phone line that went on forever and then she changed the subject.
We don't like to give up our stories that easily.

What she saw and partially admitted to seems to have resolved the situation though even if she couldn't bring herself to fully own it.

Reminded me of a time I was swapping sessions with another practioner and that night waking up with her screaming psychically in my face.
I wanted her recognition of what a great practioner I was but I was unwilling to accord that to her or myself.
After seeing that there were no further attacks.

Another time was with a man I was also swapping sessions with. He was more sophisticated and would attack through a dream state and I'd wake in horror yelling his name.
Once I saw that I was wanting him to look after me so I wouldn't have to do it myself he is unable to touch me though the potentiality still exists whenever I have dealings with him.
It can only be actualized though if I become irresponsible.

It is reported that the Buddha was attacked by demons in the forms of seductive females before he reached enlightenment.
I wonder if he had unacknowledged wants in him at that time.

I have yet to see a case in my practice where a client is having a problem with another where there was not an unacknowledged want.

The unmet wants lead to judgement leads to attack. When we attack another we attack ourselves.

It appears we live in a world of separate identities and dualities.
In essence there's nothing out there that can hurt you.

This is only true when you see through the appearance.
Illusions can be incredibly painful and take us to hell.

Radical self honesty about our expectations,judgements and attacks frees us from the illusion.
The judicious use of muscle testing will always reveal quickly what the truth is.

When you remove the clouds the sun is found to be always shining.

Manfred Luck

Author's Bio: 

I have been working to clear the blocks to unconditional love and self realization for over 40 years.
I now primarily follow the teachings of David R Hawkins and utilize the processes of Byron Katie and Emotional Freedom Technique with inspiration from A Course in Miracles and the 12 Step program.