There is a description in the Puranas (Indian Mythology) that when Vishwamitra was agitated on seeing the condition of the universe he decided to create a new universe. In order to gain the power of creating a new universe he performed intense solar austerities. He succeeded in his task. But as soon as he tried creating a new universe the demi-gods prayed to Vishwamitra to stop his activities of creation because a lot of problems would have to be faced after neo-creation of a new universe. The demi-gods succeeded in stopping Vishwamitra going ahead in his endeavour.

It is nothing new as far as creation of a new universe is concerned. Its state is already present beforehand. It is beyond the visible and day to day experience. But it definitely does exist. Its power has been understood but none are brave enough to execute it because if one tampers with it, the entire map of the world will change.

The challenger of an atom is anti-atom, that of matter is anti-matter and that of the world is anti-universe. Its existence has been accepted by material scientists. It walks alongside us like the shadow of our body. It is balanced like the 2 pans of a weighing scale and like the 2 wheels of a cycle and thus the form of the visible universe has remained the same since time immemorial. It is because of this that objects rotate on their own axis and latch on to their individual status. The world arrangement continues as before wherein smaller units circumambulate greater powers.

Whenever we see eddies in water, cyclones in winds, black holes in the cosmos, one understands that some opposing power by obstructing the ordinary flow induces such amazing scenes. Else if the flow was straight, there was no need of chaos. When in waterfalls water flows downwards and bangs on to the ground, even there the water gyrates like an eddy current.

Thus there are innumerous incidences that make the straight tortuous. One can gauge the intense energy in storms when they topple high rise buildings, shatter boulders, islands etc. Boats capsize in river eddies and in eddies of great oceans ships capsize and get buried under water. In inter stellar space black holes like Bermuda render air vehicles, water vehicles to nought.

The gravitational force of earth along with its magnetic force is not due to its daring or rotational movement. But the latest belief is that when objects like anti-world (a parallel of the world) rotates, these 2 forces manifest which not only rotates the earth but creates a protective covering on it so that radiations from inter stellar space do not pierce and enter the earth’s atmosphere.

As of now this anti-force is like a shadow but assuming that this anti-universe comes forward and that our present universe turns into a shadow, the situation will be such that everything will be new. Material objects will be new, creatures will be new, humans will be new and one’s character and general trend of life too will be new.

Is this at all possible? The truth is that none is greater than man. It is true that God made man but even this precept is not wrong that man made God. Apart from human beings no other creature accepts the existence of God. Only man understood God and thus created God’s name and form according to the capacity of his imagination. One has to accept that man is the Prince of God as per Vyasji’s observation :

I will tell you one secret that no one is greater than man in the entire cosmos. This is absolutely true.

Many a times our planet earth changes its axis. But if one gauges it aptly and some human being goes there so as to attack it with his fist, the earth will change its orbit and just as today wherein one year constitutes 365 days, (one day is of 24 hours), will not remain as it is and will become more or less. Not only this but even the temperature will increase/decrease and the situation will become very chaotic.

If one’s gross bodily energy can achieve so much, if its conscious power which is infinitely more intense than the bodily power makes a special attack with all its power, one cannot say what a terrific transformation will ensue.

It is not as though today’s trying times desires a transformation in the creation of the material universe. In fact it only desires a transformation in contemporary circumstances. How do these situations come into play and how will they change? While deeply reflecting on this question it is futile to analyse material events. On diving deep into this question one realizes that external circumstances are a result and reflection of our mental state. The mind is influenced by desires. Desires force us to act in the external world and all these actions put together create circumstances in the external world. Thus the mind is the root cause that creates external situations in the world.

Hence it is proper to think that if today’s circumstances are trying then in order to change it for the better the psyche of the entire human civilization will have to be transformed for the better. Its worldly solution is broadcasting apt education but this is a very hollow solution. When those who eulogize ethics, religion, patriotism, sense of duty etc. themselves behave untowardly in their own lives then it is obvious that psychic education is half complete. In it there is also a covering layer that creates the true stature of one’s personality. When those who boast of imprisoning criminals themselves are criminals, it is obvious that only theoretical knowledge cannot transform a person. Because the center that transforms a person is something else and that is the psyche (mind) which is also called the inner soul. The bodies or other paraphernalia of great saints are not great by themselves but because of the greatness of their psyche they stand higher than others in stature. Whichever is the means by which they are held in such high esteem is also the basic means of era transformation.

If it was a question of one or two individuals, they could have been transformed via enticements, pressure, advice and diplomacy. But where there is the question of transforming the destiny of 500 crores individuals of the world, where there is a question of transformation of people of different mother-tongues, different circumstances, of different mental character of different traditions, how difficult it becomes to induce high mental qualities in their psyche and also encourage them to imbibe high ideals in life. It is not difficult to gauge all this.

For such a great task one needs divine powers instead of limited human endeavour. Under the pressure of human power man can at the most keep saying yes but it is rare to change his inner soul for the better. In true terms it can be called the foundation stone of era transformation. When circumstances could no be controlled by the harsh dictatorship of superficial solutions etc., even they accepted defeat in front of man’s own psychic imprints and thus had to compromise with them. Thus how difficult is the churning and transformation of the inner soul along with it being very intricate, is very difficult to gauge. But it is apt to remember that nothing is difficult or impossible for God to achieve. He transforms Kaliyug to Satyug and establishes an ethical rule in Tretayug. He shatters the arrogance of demons like Ravan, Vritrasur etc. He helps impoverished people like Sudama, Vibheeshan and Sugreev to overcome their hardships. He drowns the defeated demi-gods in the cave of Pralaya (destruction of the world) and from the all pervasive water he creates a new world. What is impossible if he induces turbulence in the psyche of human beings so as to augment the glory of their thinking and brilliant personality. One can only be wonderstruck on seeing his artistic skills inducing planets, stars etc to hang in inter stellar space and also rotate/revolve in it. Hence never think it impossible for God’s grace to help a man of faith bring in desirable transformations.

In these days there are no problems for ordinary men. They sleep the whole night, work for the whole day, laugh when the situation is favourable and lament when circumstances are dire. Right from birth to death they dwell in the same house and with those very relatives either develop friendship or enmity. But those who are farsighted, who are better off than frogs in wells, when they see through binoculars it is not difficult to visualize how the dark clouds of terror have gathered around world humanity.

Take for eg. circumstances, each one of them are such that one tries to cure them via image worship yet there is no beginning or end for its true solution. How can one lock up big factories? How can the pollution which is on the rise on a daily basis be overcome? Who will stop the blasts of atomic weapons, the dire trend of atomic reactors and how can rising levels of radiations be warded off? How can you make arrangements for men to live on one island and women on another island so as to stop population explosion? How can men/ women who live together be convinced that it is very dangerous to continue begetting children? How can our earth be pulled like a rubber band so as to augment its size and thus solve problems of food, clothing, shelter shortage? Where can one find teachers who by asking children to give up other topics encourage them to learn the art of living and have a sense of righteous duty towards society and the entire world? How can such medical centers open which follow Mother Nature and that by giving the teaching of mind control encourage patients to cure their diseases and also prevent them? How can such a social arrangement come into existence so that one is liberated from oppression, suppression, kidnapping and a materialistic attitude? How will people coexist with love and share each others’ belongings?

In order to straighten that which is upside down a gigantic power is required which is divine and not human. How can it be activated and gathered? How can it be appropriately used for human civilization welfare? This is a gigantic task. The biggest problem lies in positively changing the direction of lives of powerful personages.

Whether it is the wealthy or those in power, whether they are authors or spiritual leaders, all are on the wrong path. They talk superficially about service to all but yet they are only involved in selfish endeavours. If the potential of these people are directed to high peaks from the present demeaned state, if they are encouraged to work for spiritual goals instead of selfish endeavours then the atmosphere can be definitely purified.

According to spiritual sciences there is only one cure and i.e. harsh austerities. It was with this power that Brahmaji had created a new universe. It was with this power of penance that Bhageerath succeeded in bringing the holy Ganges river of heaven to earth. When the demi-gods were harassed by the demon Vitrasur they had to take recourse to Dadhichi’s generous help in overcoming their hardships. The great Parshuram full of intense austerities had again and again defeated vile men on earth. Maharshi Dayanand and other great saints had strongly opposed vile traditions.

If at present any gigantic transformation has to take place, it will only be on the basis of austerity power. The cosmic will power, desire power and action power that empowers one’s personality with might can attract desired success very easily. Amongst all human powers, Kundalini Shakti is supreme. It dwells in the genital region of Mooladhar Chakra and helps in augmenting one’s lineage. It is definitely a wonder that with the help of a mere drop of semen a new living being comes into existence. But this is limited only to the bodily boundary.

When this power via spiritual practices is made all pervasive in the cosmos then it topsy turvys the mental state of all beings so as to make it something great. It can transform an era and like Vishwamitra create a new universe. History says that due to the attack of this vital electricity, genes too can be mutated. All the grand children of Rishi Pulastya had become demons of the Ravan family. Rishi Balkhilya was a child of demonic parents but as soon as he was born he strayed away from that atmosphere and drank the milk of a banyan tree. Thus he was nourished by this milk and became a Rishi. In Tretayug all the monkeys of Rishyanuk region by giving up their beastly tendencies imbibed great ethics and skills of great men. In all such incidences it is the activation of vital force that is at work. It is these examples that kindle a hope in us regarding era transformation. The Lord has created living beings but along with it such a powerhouse of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) Shakti exists in the Prince called man that such a person not only becomes esteemed but that he has the necessary ability to transform the character of all living beings. For the Kundalini awakening of Devatma India the instrument could be only one person in the beginning yet all are partners in it. This power awakening can also induce an era transformation.

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